Forza is boring me

I like the game but i’m finding it boring and switching it off after 10 minutes.I don’t think I find it challenging enough,I know there is the career mode and rivals but they bore me too so I have been mostly playing single racers on unbeatable but they just get so far in front I give up,take today for example I started a 20 lap race of Le Mans in R class after half a lap the front car was the Radical SR8 and he was 4000+ feet ahead I was in the 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS after upgrade top speed on the straight was 195mph,I quit the race and tried the Radical and it’s top speed down the straights was 179 mph how the hell does the AI get so far ahead then?
Maybe I need to shelve it for a few weeks.


after finished all the career i have to agree… i just launch it for making liveries,forzathon and special delear, rivals are not that good to me ( in drifting the are 4 and are limited by homologation and only rental cars ) , no hotlaps… multiplayer is a little mess and not much fun with this homologations things…


Hot Topic – but I do agree with the two original posts by EliteWolf1972 and NitroDriftDK and see their points of view.

For me, I had to ferret out good cars that were fun to drive. I really enjoyed the Nurburgring 125 Showcase Event. I thought the Civic (Honda #2 Castrol Honda Civic WTCC) felt really well planted, and I could use the options to dial up a competitive race. Although it was 1 hour and 20 minutes I enjoyed the race. Conversely moments like the Showcase High-Speed Chase - Nissan Skyline (the Nissan #23 GT-R LM Nismo on Suzuka I believe) was a real low point. The car felt like a Hot Wheels car with plastic tires, worse than driving on ice. While I normally enjoy a challenge and use the minimal assists I am capable of, I felt this race was broken and dialed up everything (TCS, STM, Friction, Beginner, etc.) just to be through with it. I cannot believe in real life a race car would handle like that, please.

-Homologation does not seem to be well received by Users (at a minimum there is a loud outcry against it).
-AI kind of does it own thing - I have read players monitored the Telemetry and would watch huge Horse Power gains.
-Many Game Reviewers and Users report Weather is not Dynamic (though admittedly it is an improvement over previous Forzas).
-Removal of Hot Lapping. I think the Developers want Users to imitate Hot Lapping in Free Play (?). Why not just make the passionate User Base happy and provide this. Not to mention the passionate User Base is a big part of the normally stable revenue stream.

These are just some examples that do tend to suck the life out of the game, and run the risk of it becoming boring. Still I would like to play it, but I have become a member of what I call the Forza 7 Lost Game Save Club (or F7LGSC for short). My progress has been lost for a week, and I am still waiting on a resolution from Forza Support . Oh yeah, that might also be an item that would be problem and lower my appreciation of the game as well.


I think I agree with you too. A coworker 2 weeks ago (from when I’m posting this) described this type of game play as “The Grind.” You log on and the goal is to make money to upgrade and add content. In other posts of mine, I have written that the multiplayer is just crashing, people out to kill you, or guys racing leaderboard cars. This genre needs a serious reboot in terms of what racing games need to be and what the makes people happy. It becomes just boring.

See, I love the new cars. I pay extra for VIP bonus to increase cashflow and car packs [Gold or whatever edition]. Forzathon has given me something to grind toward as the weeks go on. I’m thankful that the specialty dealership and Forzathon have a time limit. which helps people in my career field be able to play the game and not miss out on the game. I’ve increased the difficulty to Above Average or whatever 40% is and increased the lap count to extra long. It makes the game seem slower and I think will allow for me personally get more out of the career. Plus…I haven’t done the math, but it pays what I am assuming is the monetary equivalent of what it would be for more laps. Each race has been about 1 hour in length.

What I have found myself doing is messing with the livery editor too! I have been making brand material for websites and things that would get me banned. Its fun. If T10 (don’t you moderators say i’m in violation, bc some probably has suggested this OH 100 times) a track creator and expanding the livery and car customization to include modifications that are down right crazy.

3 strikes your out T10.


Get a wheel rig and pedals… You’ll really enjoy the long races. I play mostly on 80% except when I race the higher indexed cars. The AI in this game is very inconsistent.

I can beat all car classes up through “S” at 80%… But when I run the higher classes… Like the LMP1 cars Their like 10X faster.

Anyway, I agree though I’m getting bored with the game… I don’t like the fact I can not add brakes and Tires to any car in career and the game match the AI and ally me to drive. I miss not crazy md’s but I want race tires and Adjustable brakes on all my cars so I can enjoy driving them. So this is what I dislike about career and why it’s boring me.

You’d think in the Open Races in Career since it says Race any car yu like… I could race a A class car with Race Tires! But no I can not.

I’ve unfortunately got to this point too, saying that I have completed the full campaign, a lot of races done on long too.

I find myself only going on to buy/max tune/mod cars now but struggling to find motivation… I’ve actually started to drift back to Assetto due to the wheel feeling more planted than I can seem to get it in Forza 7. ~ Time on the game is now less than 30 minutes though :frowning:

I like to see which cars can be lowered the most… the Mercedes 300 SL can pretty much sit on the floor haha

If the game bores you, do something else.

Don’t bore us with your meaningless threads.


Well if you don’t like what I wrote don’t bother reading it then.


I wish I hadn’t.


If the thread bores you, read something else.

Don’t bore us with your meaningless posts.

It’s odd that you claim the game isn’t challenging enough yet point out how you can’t beat the strongest Drivatars.
Reading between the lines I am guessing the difficulty level below Unbeatable is too easy for you, which means you’re stuck in limbo.

In short, Drivatars “cheat” at higher difficulty levels, gaining speed boosts that are impossible for a human player to replicate.

Maybe you do. Head off and try out something else and once you come back things may feel fresh or exciting for you again.

Some forewarning: Drivatar adjustments rarely come post-launch as they are vastly complicated components of the ForzaTech engine and are not easy to fix.


In short, Drivatars “cheat” at higher difficulty levels, gaining speed boosts that are impossible for a human player to replicate.

Is this true? You saying that the game actually cheats to challenge the opponent? Sorry I don’t go on here often, but what is your source?

You can view their replay and telemetry. Sometimes it doesn’t add up to what the car should be capable of.


I believe so, but am not an expert. I was reading other threads where someone said in Free Play, you have an option to cap horsepower, or set it to 1 horsepower above. Thus AI doesn’t get a miracle horsepower boost. I am pretty sure this in not an option in normal Career or Showcase. There are likely other Forum Users that know for sure and can chime in. For me this makes sense in my experience with the game. [ I had completed Career Mode and was 1 race away from 100% completing first race series when my Game Save disappeared.]

I have found a few good cars where I was able to win a handful of races on Unbeatable with minimal assists. however.

How much has the AI actually improved in the Forza Motorsport games since FM2?

From what I’ve seen on these forums and reviews “those vastly complicated components of the ForzaTech engine” are a bit rubbish to be honest. I’d rather the return of normal AI and more efforts put in to make it good, than be stuck with Drivatars.

I guess that’s too much to hope for though…

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It’s saying something when people would rather see M. Rossi again…


M Rossi was an ■■■,not an idiot like some drivatars are!! There is a difference!!


Wow! What a meaningful warm hearted contributor you are. Instead of pressing the back button, do you normally come onto threads with such passion? Kiss your mother with that mouth?


And your post is warm hearted and meaningful? Sounds a lot more venomous than mine!

If your bored do something else, if you want things in the game changed, give constructive feedback to T10.

seems like after i complete all the elite cups, the only achievement left will be the start last finish first in a 24 car multiplayer. for entertainment value i’ll be forced back to horizon 2 or 3.
there’s just no excitement to keep us going here.


Guy’s I think your approach to enjoying the purpose of this game is all wrong. First, it’s not about “finishing” the career mode as quickly and easily as possible. Career is more of an introduction to what racing is available. Also, A.I. has it’s limitations. And the game hasn’t fully opened multiplayer as yet. Where we can fully enjoy simulated racing. But as for singleplayer racing against A.I. It’s pretty good. But to race against the “unbeatable”, you’ll need to tune your car and learn to drive fast around a circuit. “How does a lower top speed car beat a much higher speed car?” Easily, If you come out of the first corner into a straight. And you’re already going 20 to thirty miles per hour faster than the competition. They will have a really hard time catching up. Also if you can break much later at the end of the straight, you can gain many seconds in the competition. This game is very sim like. So if you’re really not that much into learning how to race or make a car go fast, within the restraints of realistic physical limitations. Then you should be looking for a more arcade racing experience.