Forza 6: The game I love and hate (It's not just me is it?)

Since I ever started playing racing games, forza is my first and favorite series ever along with halo.

Forza WAS a game that had awesome cars, a sweet soundtrack, insane cars and races and most of all was
fun to play!

Now with the release of Forza 6 (which I bought a xbox one for, mind you) It seems like the game is going
backwards, but I still love it.

I can’t race anything over high P class without stalling right off the line (even with full assists off)

The awesome alternative rock soundtrack has been replaced with smooth jazz and soft electronic

AI drivers take turns and 20MPH and brake miles early, or careen into me randomly requiring a race

AI is so hopelessly slow (even on expert) that I find myself driving seconds ahead of the pack and getting

This game is so much fun to play. The cars are modeled so well and the visuals are stunning. Not to mention the physics are great.

Would love to hear if anyone has opinions on my thoughts or any way to make the game a bit more enjoyable!

I see your points, and yes the e25 is quite a mess off the line (and i drive with no drive assists), but as far as the AI goes, if you want a challenge from them, set it to pro/unbeatable. I personally prefer UB, however I’ve noticed some of the lap times they do are unbelievable.

For example on Catalunya (spellcheck please) they run completely unfair times for the car/rating they are supposed to be: I think it was Cata-Long with restricted R-880 on the career mode, Ai in first place was running constant lap times faster/equivalent to players running R-900 cars, while at the same time stomping the lead persons car @R-880 by nearly 10 seconds.

Also, I personally love the music, but I miss the auction house…

Things I miss from Forza are Auction/Gift cars, the music, sometimes the sounds get repetitive.

If you set the AI aggression settings off, then they sideswipe/ram into you at any point, as long as the drivatar (A Data-Fed representation of that gamer’s real driving style. Mine is aggressive, I hit people sometimes.) If you turn that on, as it is a limiter, it will make all the drivers the same. Now I have never played on unbeatable, and probably never will. Because that’s just dangerous. I’ll try though, tomorrow.

This game is great, visually (Although there is some quirks. When driving, a Drivatar’s 2012 GT-R Black, will have straight sides as the taillights, not smooth circles. When you are driving it, however, it is perfectly smooth.), Gameplay wise, and also information wise, and to be honest, the drivatars are simply amazing. My 2 best friends have been playing every day since christmas, and we always have something new to try. One is the crashy-smashy type, one is the “I’m gonna cheat my XP to the top”, and I’m like a more competitive/try to be clean racer. Although I have been drifting lately.

For the problem off the line, it’s a glitch introduced in FM5 and can be fixed by adjusting the gear ratios. Usually if 1st gear is tuned to max accelaration, the problem will be resolved but 1st gear will be nearly unusable exept at race start. One has to play around with it and get a nice ballance between usability and and a good take off. I personally have found that a value of around 4.00 will do with any race car but it depends on the car.

The slow drivatars can be caused by a few things. First, you can increase the difficulty setting to make them more challenging. Second, if the Limit Aggression option is turned on, the drivatars will be much more clean and will brake in potentially dangerous situations. The problem is that their judjment is sometimes inaccurate and they will break on high speed corners even if you have left enough room for them. And third, the drivatars follow the racing line and will be slow on some corners which can be taken flat-out, that’s the way they are programmed.

Hope that explains some of your argumments.

Cool, thanks guys! I will have to put that clean racing option on and try it out :slight_smile: