Forza Horizon 6

Hope they do something new not only new FH5 again with only new world Japan. Same to do and only 2 expansion pack. Better they do something new and lots of expansion packs we can buy insted of all car packs.

We need lots of expansion pack to buy and some expansion pack we can win for free. Mutch bigger map and every location are mutch bigger and the game switch to run on Street.

Stop play FH5 when we only get same small every month only new Achievements and sometimes car packs to buy. Not fun more. Same happen to me again if FH6 do the same again with only Achievements and car packs and i stop play after buy the two expansion packs and complete campaign.

Microsoft and playground earn more money if they relese expansion packs and some special users can help Playground for free and relese expansion packs for free to users and playground veryify if the free expansion pack are good or then we get the free expansion packs. Mutch better and motre play. FMotorsport have lots of Racing tracks we get for free. Time to do same to Forza Horizon 6 now but expansion packs every month or every 2 month and we get 6-8 free expansion packs every year but can buy 6 big expansion packs more to do.

I want FH6 to take place in Stuttgart where there it shows a museum or Porsche and Mercedes and I want also Autobahns, also add the Nurburgring in Horizon 6 plz and add more Porsches.


There actually placing it in China

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Hope we get lots of news and focus move to 6-8 free more small expansion packs every gear and 6 big expansion packs we can buy every year. Not fun with only Achievements and car packs to buy after we complete campaing and the 2 expansion packs.

What’s with all the talk of expansion packs!
The game hasn’t even been announced and your going all in on expansions :smile:

Anyway the expansions will be ruined by Helicopters, blimps and balloons, lots of Balloons!