Forza Horizon 5 acknowledgment points

So recently I started to do the acknowledgment points ( in Hungary it is called ‘Elismerések’) and I tried to do the point to point mission’s which is easy like : Go from the Vulcan to the Horizon Rush within 4 minutes, yeah it sounds easy and I did all of it from the Baja to Rush and the others, but my main problem was I spent more than 5 hours to collect and do all of it and on the next day its gone I lost all of my points , I was pissed but I thought I will do twice, I dont care, but when I tried to do all of it again , I selected one of them to see how much time do I have but tha game just showed me I did it the mission but when I wnt to the acknowledgment pont It showed me that I haven’t done it. Furthermore we found more bug with it because me and my friends did some of the Forzathon
challanges but when we started the game on the next day we just lost it and it is really embarrasing because some of us in the Horizon community wants to maximase the game so Forza please fix
database issue because not I am the only one who have this problem.

The issue with Accolades not showing as complete (or showing as complete and then later a sincomplete) is a known issue…I have the same thing (mine showed as complete and, then, 2 minutes later showed as incomplete)