Lost all Festival Accolades!

I just spent a few hours doing all the festival accolades ( drive point to point ). I quit the game to make some food and came back to everything reset to before I started a couple of hours ago… Do I really have to do all the damn accolades again?

It depends…some of the P2P Accoldaes will display as completed when you complete them but then show as incomplete if you come back later…however, the game still recognises them as complete.

Yup, completed all of the point to point ones. I came back today, lost a house and all the accolades I had earned, I then relogged, and it gave me the house back but reset all the point to point accolades.

Ugh. This happen to me too. I spent last night finishing all the point to point accolades and logged in today and they are all reset.

Has this been reported as a bug? I really don’t want to do them all again.

Happened to me numerous times, if you can’t complete them all in one go, don’t even attempt. I finished all of them but I had 2 trailblazers left, I did one, then 3 of them reset. So now I need to complete 4 for 100%. Its frustrating.

Don’t fret over it, the game is absolute garbage and the devs or anyone else that isn’t a customer cares. Move on to another game or enjoy the drive. Biggest flop of the decade.

Same here. But my cars are also gone that I got on a Whell Spin. The AMG FE and the Pagani FE. Puf, gone. Even the my LVL droped 20lvl. Now I have to do it all again.

One of my Accolades says 352/10 or something similar. Pinning it doesn’t fix it. Unable to receive the XP for it.