Forza Horizon 4 Route Creation Contest - Routecomp1

Welcome to the Forza Horizon 4 contest for all those Route Creators out there! We want you to create a set of racing events for us to feature in PG EDITOR’S CHOICE. If you have any issues, bugs or feedback & suggestions relating to the Route Creator, please submit a ticket here here.

This thread will close midday on 7th December, and judging will begin. No other entries will be taken after judging begins. Please ensure that all entries follow the submission instructions, or this may make the entry void and therefore not entered in to the contest.

All submissions will be judged by members of Turn 10 studios and Playground Games design team. The number of winners each contest is subject to change.

Rules of the Contest

• All submissions must adhere to Forza’s ‘E for Everyone’ policy, and the Xbox Live Code of Conduct - Xbox Community Standards | Xbox
• You MUST post in this thread to be entered into the contest
• The route must be designed by you only and be your creation. Routes submitted previously are not allowed and therefore may disqualify you from the current & future contests.
• The Blueprint Event you create with your route must meet the Season and PI requirements set out in the theme.
• A route may not be more than 8 miles long if a point to point, or have more than 3 laps
• The total time to complete the event should not exceed 10 minutes.
• Each Event Blueprint should be locked to the specific season you are entering for.
• Entrants can submit a maximum of 3 routes, per season, per person. (i.e. 3 routes in Summer, 3 in Autumn, and so on)

Themes for the competition are:

  • Summer S2 Class asphalt (Max PI 998)
  • Autumn B Class Mixed Surface (Max PI 700)
  • Winter S1 Cross Country (Max PI 900)
  • Spring A Class Mixed Surface (Max PI 800)
    Submission Instructions
    • You must share your route in-game to have it featured.
    • A photo of the route flyer and route (before you click save) must accompany your post.
    • Photos should be posted by retrieving a BBCode from a photo sharing service (such as Flickr)
    • When posting your route creation, you must include:
  • Gamertag
  • Route Name
  • Route Start Location
  • Description
  • Length of route (miles)
  • Type of route (Point-to-point or circuit)
  • Laps (If circuit)
  • Season Chosen
  • Time taken to complete the entire event
    For example:
    Gamertag: RetroKrystal
    Route Name: Wheely Good
    Route Start Location: Ambleside Village Circuit
    Description: Scenic circuit across the fields.
    Length of route (miles): 4 miles
    Laps (If circuit): 3 laps
    Season Chosen: Summer
    Time taken to complete the entire event: 8 minutes
    How do I use Route Creator?
    (For a video of our previous live stream where we show you how to use route creator, click here
    • To use route creator, go to the event in which you would like the route to start at.
    • Create Route > Choose Car.
    • Drive the route in the direction you would like it to take.
    • During creating the route, press X to place checkpoints with LT and RT to widen or narrow the checkpoint.
    • For a circuit route, finish the route back at the starting point. For a point-to-point route, chose Route Options > Place Finish Line where you would like the route to end.
    • Test drive your route from start to finish.
    • Create New > Name Route > Create Custom Event > Choose Car Theme.
    • Customise your event such as season, weather and time of day through event settings.
    • Create blueprint and you’re all set!
    Posting an entry gives confirmation that you allow Turn10 & Playground Games to post your route in-game, on our social medias and potentially feature in our live streams.
    Our social medias include:
  • Forums: Forza Motorsport
  • PG Twitter:
  • Turn10 Twitter:
  • PG Instagram: Login • Instagram
  • Turn10 Instagram: Login • Instagram
  • Mixer: Redirecting...
  • Twitch: Twitch
  • YouTube:
    • Featured in-game
    • Choice of any non DLC car
    • 1 Super Wheelspin
    • 300,000 CR

Gamertag: SlickRicki
Car Prize:
Route (current) Name: Grip (Grip n’ Slip sounds cooler)
Route Start Location: North City Cross Country Circuit
Description: Test the best of your ability to finesse your way on some of the best corners of Edinburgh! Oh and… Try not to slip your car… You might not end well.
Length of route (miles): 4,60 miles
Laps: 3 laps
Season Chosen: Summer
Time taken to complete the entire event: 8:45 (2:45-3:00 Average Lap time)

How do you choose the class? I have tried many times. I created routes, saved them and in the edit race settings of the event does not have the car class option. Even logged in Horizon Life or Solo this option is missing.

I had same problem, but when my 5 slots were full, I found I could go to ‘blueprint’ then instructed I had to overwrite an event to be able to create a new one , and while in horizon life mode, proceed to make the event you want and you should be given the car class choice after selecting the car for the race. This only worked for me in places where all 5 slots were already filled … give that a try and if need-be make other blueprints to fill the 5 slots, before making your new Custom event entry. I hope this works for you

Gamertag: DnS Rikkchamp
Route Name: Holyrood route alt
Rout start location: Holyrood Park Circuit
Description: An alternate pathway to holyrood, muddying up your tires and then ‘drying them off’.
Length of route: 2.4 Mi
Laps: 3
Season chosen: Autumn
Time taken to complete event: 5:12.079

Prize car wanted: 1965 shelby cobra daytona coupe

  • Gamertag: S1M0N07
  • Route Name: Under Mountain
  • Route Start Location: Glen Rannoch Trial
  • Description: Cross with route in tunel, on asphalat and dirt, with various corners and straights
  • Length of route (miles): 5,7mi
  • Type of route (Point-to-point or circuit): Point-to-point
  • Laps (If circuit) -
  • Season Chosen - Spring
  • Time taken to complete the entire event: 4:03 (Maxed A class rally car)

How can I conform to the rules regarding class of car, when I have no option to designate a specific car class to an event? custom route creator issue forza horizon 4

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Will one of the mods please address this? I’ve made three routes but can’t set up a P. I. restriction. I don’t want to submit them yet for fear that they’d be an automatic disqualification.

Edit : I see one person managed to get an An S2 restriction on their route flyer. I would love to know how he/she did that.

I have been in contact with Craig littler, head level designer, and he has taken note of the issue and is currently looking in to it

When the game asks you to create an event once you’ve created your track, just exit. Then create a custom event and you should be able to choose the PI

Ok, what you say is correct, I made a route, saved it and exited. I then went through ‘Blueprint’ selected my vehicle type and was immediately asked to choose a Class … just like you said. Thank you. … BUT this only works at a place where you haven’t already filled your 5-blueprint/custom event ‘slots’ … having created 5 custom events for every ‘road race’ start point, I can overwrite them but don’t get the option to select a specific class. If I could delete a ‘custom event’ rather than overwriting, the problem could be worked around . I will pass this on to Craig Littler

I’m sorry to say that the above method you specified, didn’t work the second time I tried it :frowning: … so, it did work, then it failed … I’m baffled now… I will also pass this on to CL.

I occasionally have issues with this too. I don’t think it has anything to do with the number of blueprints though. Make sure you’re actively logged into Horizon Life - I find that a lot of times that I can’t select a class, it’s because I inadvertently got logged out somehow.

I can confirm it has to do with being logged in to Horizon Life.
After creating a race, I waited for it to find a session and then create a blueprint. Sure enough, I was able to pick a class. I went back to a route I previously created and, after finding an online session, was able to set up a class restriction.
Weird part is, if you’re not logged in to Horizon life, blueprints that you did set a class for will no longer have it.

I’ll give that a try later … thanks … I can also tell you that I have been in contact with Craig littler, head level designer, and he has taken note of the issue and is currently looking in to it

GT: qzrdBadder
Route Name: Rannoch Peak
Route Start Location:
Description: Mountain circuit w/ twisty curves, narrow roads, and goes through the tunnel just before the viaduct.
Route Length: 3.4 miles
Laps: 3
Season: Spring
Time: 9:48.223 w/ an A800 73’ Escort
Prize Car: Caddy Limo

Flyer & route photos will be posted soon.

Also, I don’t know how to take a photo of the flyer and I don’t want to share my e-mail address for the ticket.

  • Gamertag: UNIT PRIME 70
  • Route Name: The Italian Job Loop (1.2)
  • Route Start Location: Princess Street Gardens Circuit
  • Description: Twist & Hard turns, One Huge Jump with few straights! Shake off you’re opponents & take the lead on the streets of Edinburgh!
  • Length of route (miles): 1.8 miles
  • Type of route: Circuit
  • Laps: 3 Laps
  • Season Chosen: Spring
  • Time taken to complete the entire event: 5 minutes 3seconds
  • (01:35.996 - 1:43 avg lap for myself) * Did with A-Class 800 Mini cooper 2012 Front Wheel Drive *


Route Layout

Prize car: 1965 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

Gamertag: AltaSilencia11
Route Name: Sanguine X2 Hyper Circuit 9.8
Route Start Location: Princes Street Gardens Circuit
Description: A twisted early morning sprint through some of the greatest streets in Edinburgh. While fantastic in multiplayer, this course was meticulously designed for an engaging and competitive single player experience.
Length of Route: 4.9 Miles per lap (Circuit)
Laps: 2
Season: Summer
Time to Complete: 5:32.766

11-22-2018_12-13-13_AM-hyw5gi1t by AltaSilencia11, on Flickr

11-22-2018_12-11-45_AM-k325l5xt by AltaSilencia11, on Flickr

  • Gamertag … PURE NFS MAC
  • Route Name … The Fine Art of Surfacing’
  • Route Start Location … Holyrood park trail
  • Category … 'Autumn B class Mixed surface (max PI 700)

This entry has been updated… I post the revised edition further into this thread

I tried to delete but there was a problem, this is why I edit only.

Ah, ok. I will try that way. Thank you.