Forza Horizon 2 VIP issues being worked on.

Turn 10 are aware and are looking into the issue.


I’m glad they are working on it but I hope they hurry because I don’t wanna miss out on my VIP boosts. I hit level 12 before i even realized it wasn’t working.

I may have been mistaken but I think mine work fine. I got all the cars I was supposed to (day one edition, GameStop Pre-Order, and a few others I guess from VIP). Also on the “spinny wheel” I get a 2x bonus on the awards.

Perhaps issues are just for a few people?

Anyway - I love the game so far :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s because you’re playing disc version of the game. Digital VIP subscription is broken. Anyway, it’s not a game to complete in 1 evening and I’m not frustrated.

Disc owners seem to have had no issues with the vip or launch cars from what i found on another forum.