Those With VIP Issues. You Can Still Play!

For those of you having VIP Issues (myself included) the leveling system in Horizon is different, it banks your rewards so you don’t have to redeem them right away I have 10 Wheelspins waiting to be redeemed once they fix the issues surrounding VIP.

Is there a reason to save your wheelspins? Sorry if that’s dumb, but I’ve been using my wheelspins. Have I been missing out on something?

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I would like to know this also. I have only used two, but I’m going to stop just in case.

If you are affected by the VIP issue, it not registering you’re a VIP member you will miss out on Double Credits. If you bank them you can redeem all of your wheelspins once the issue is resolved.

Thanks. Was unaware of the double credits.

here to help…

How do we know double credits counts with wheel spins? I thought it was just on race rewards…

I have a disc copy of the game (seemingly unaffected by the issue) and confirm that VIP does earn you double credit rewards on wheel spins.

Yes I can confirm what shadow says, I have the disc to. the top right corner of the spin wheel shows in gold writing your VIP xp bonus after it quits spinning, and it shows your total with bonus on the ticker below the wheel

Cool, thanks for the info. I already used 5 or 6. Gonna start saving them.

What about all the other perks, should we just waste them and play without it?

Shoot, I had a feeling there was something off. I’m level 30 and used every singe one. Oh well, credits are easy to get anyway.

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******** I’m level 33 that is a LOT of wasted money… crap crap crap…

I feel bad. i have my car pass working and my vio working. i have the crown and everything. well goodluck everyone. but also my bros acc is not registering that he has vip etc. so FIX IT lul

I’ve been spending the perk points but haven’t bought a single VIP car and will continue to wait until the issue is resolved.

Wait do you get something from VIP to do with perk points?

SO I had several dozen wheel spins today. I made it to around level 42. I certainly hope I still get the double credits that I was supposed to have been getting for having the VIP membership. Plus I still don’t know if I purchased any cars that I was supposed to have received for free too. I would hope I get credits back if I ended up buying cars with credits that I shouldn’t have needed to.

I don’t think so?..

There are 5 cars in the VIP pack
•2013 Donkervoort D8 GTO

•1967 Ferrari 330 P4

•2012 Lamborghini Urus

•1949 Mercury Coupe

•2014 Tesla Model S

My recommendation is to not redeem your wheelspins until the VIP recognition is fixed. Once it is fixed you should be able to redeem all of the banked Wheelspins with your VIP rewards