Forza Horizon 2 Rewards not syncing!


I am new to Xbox One and I am really enjoying it so far. However, I have had my Xbox One for almost a month now and my Forza Horizon 2 rewards still will not sync except the achievements, everything else included days played, cars collected etc etc will not sync. But my Forza 5 rewards are syncing perfectly so I do not understand am I doing something wrong? I have waited for 3-4 weeks now and they still haven’t synced, what gives?


— Update 1 - 6th August 2015 ----
Alright guys so it seems to have updated for me and a few other people on this thread so I hope it’s working for all of you out there. I’ve had to wait around 5-6 weeks since I originally got the game but at last it has updated I suggest changing your privacy settings to allow your Xbox One to share anything or just use the Adult default or just waiting it out I had to wait around 5 weeks which is ridiculous but yeah, good luck.

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Same thing for me all so

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Same boat here. None of my stats are syncing. I do find it slightly promising that my unlocked achievements are showing though. I’m thinking/hoping that everything will sync up at the end of the month when my rewards are calculated.

Same for me. Fingers crossed in 5 days it works itself out :slight_smile:

It can take hours, if its the first time, or after awhile,just be patient.

Paid DLC Owned not sync for me !

It’s been a few weeks since I started FH2: F&F, and nothing got synced except Gamerscore. Now I started FH2 and began playing FM5 again. Still nothing. Can we get an answer from the development team who’s in charge of maintaining the Forza Rewards on why this is happening? I want to at least get to Tier 6 before FM6 comes out!

Yes turn 10 any help would be nice or at least an answer to this on going problem .

Same here. Have updates from horizon 1 and forza 3 but not from fh2 and f&f on top of that it shows that I have 300k credit which will expire and I cant seem to use it

Same issues here! I’ve basically hunted down this game (I don’t like horizon games, but I wanted to rank up my tier for FM6, which looks stellar). I want to know if anyone’s has been fixed, I tried everything. Only thing that is syncing is gamerscore (halfway) and paid dlc (kind of). I’ve played for 4 days and have earned nearly every tier score reward, and I want it fixed. How does it think i have zero miles driven yet 700+ gamerscore. I’ve had the app on console and check on mobile as well, no solution, despite waiting some 100+hours.

i know it doesnt apply to all of those that have posted in this thread but the xbox 360 versions of Forza horizon 2 and the fast n furious are not part of the rewards program
more info referring to that here

some of you others it could come down to your privacy settings…and also the constant xbox live issues that we have had recently

in my case forza 5 up dates fine and all rewards show up but fh2 dose not .And that is the problem most people here are having

like i said it doesnt apply to all on this thread, only 2 or 3 that have only played the 360 versions including arvis535

it actually took about 3-4 weeks for some of my stats to be updated correctly

Bazt3rd…already looks like you are tier 6

Yes, but that was after all the gamerscore and DLC was added. I’m still pissed that everything else still haven’t updated. I wish I could communicate with them personally, but I swear they are not even aware of an issue or of this thread.

I also have this problem. playing on Xbox one.

what should I change in my privacy settings to get it to update then?

or just wait it out?

or is it because I have been playing the game “offline” ?

will it update when I start playing it online maybe?

I don’t think playing online will help as I’ve played some online races and road trips but nothing has updated. I also looked at my privacy settings this morning and nothing was restricted that would affect my score being uploaded so, I don’t think this is a privacy setting issue.

I’m relatively new to the Xbox One coming from a 360 so I’m wondering if they somehow think I’m playing on my 360 still? I’ve only owned/played FH2 on the Xbox One though and all my other Forza gaming was on the 360. I’ve never played Forza 5 either. I’m confident that it will get worked out at the end of the month but if it doesn’t I’m gonna start to worry and demand a response to this issue.

I don’t understand why someone at Turn 10 can’t just pipe up and say that they’re looking into it or something? I know they’re reading these forums.

Watching Polecat (a T10 employee) has posted in the Rewards FAQ in the News section. I do however agree that they should be more proactive on this matter (or at least more consistent communication would be a great start), given it is part of their promoting FM6.

Have the same issue on XBOne. FH2:F&F and FH2 rewards not updating for about a month now…

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Same here… Forza 5 and F&F pdates just fine so it isn’t privacy settings for me. Only points for GS and DLC are showing.

Same here. Have found all roads, xp boards etc. Not even own cars is showing.