Forza Horizon 2 Economy

Forza 5’s economy was/is a bit of a let down. Cars were too expensive and credits too slow coming in. T10 listened to the community and made changes. Now in FM5 I have all in game cars(season pass owner) and about 5 million in credits and nothing to do with them. Im level 700, and a high level compared to the average player. I still wish it was was more balanced.

I hope that Horizon 2 will have a good balance in its in-game economy.

So, if I understand correctly, you didn’t like that the vehicles of Forza 5 were too expensive and credit earnings were low. Now, after Turn 10 has made adjustments to both, you are expressing frustration that you have more credits than you know what to do with? Am I reading correctly?

At this point, I don’t think there is anything Playground Games can do to prepare for this level of player indecisiveness and I am completely at a loss for any other words.

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I think he thought it was to hard at first,T10 over corrected,now hes asking for some thing in between the two extremes.


I’d be more than happy if credits are going to be easy to get by, just like in the first FH! :smiley:

I think the original Horizon was a good balance of credits earned with a good collection of vehicles to spend them on. Discounted parts (eventually free) by way crashing though Daxter’s signs was a neat concept that seems like it should be carried into the second.


Saw your edit, Shadow Edge. :wink:

You detailed exactly what I meant by “easy to get by”. The street races in Gladstone Cell Tower were short enough to not feel like a tedious grind to work for the most expensive cars, which FH had a lot of. To buy a Ferrari 250 GTO by myself, I spent no more than one hour per day for a week. And for Dak’s discount signs, it was a clever, fun idea. You need to explore the whole map in order to get a sweet reward. In order word,s, you had to work to get what you want, but the rewards were great, and there wasn’t much point to “cheat” the game.

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Ha! I accidently quoted your post; so, I edited it and ran with the quote.

Haha, let me clarify a bit. I actually did like the FM5 economy initially(ok maybe it was a wee bit too grindy). In short, yes I am hoping for something balanced in Horizon 2.

An economy including buying/trading/selling cars to others and some sort of work to get the good cars is a big selling point for me. If its super easy to get cars like FM5 I’d likely wait a bit to get the game. Only planning on buying 1 or 2 games this fall/winter or maybe none depending on if I buy one of them expensive iron man statues. Here’s to hoping we find out soon.

I haven’t played 5 but i read the stories, can’t comment myself. But I find horizons to be pretty rewarding. love leveling up in online and generally in single player if you do what you are supposed to you get what you want. I’ve had the game about 5 days and have 16 cars (been saving up for a lambo the last few days)

If there’s 200 + plus all the dlc packs+ limited cars +plus free there probably is close to 300 cars. Considering they already said they want people to drive all the cars, I don’t see them making all the cars insane amounts. The best cars should cost more cuz they are the best!

that’s my hope anyway. I love 1’s system. I feel like a badass if i get something good haha

I agree with the poster above. Horizon 1 was pretty well balanced IMO. The pacing of the credits and unlocking of higher classes/races seemed good.


Definitely. I do believe the 1000 Club really provided the opportunity for Horizon gamers to pursue the purchase of all vehicles, demonstrating how well the system was set up to make you race for credits, but not so much so that it would feel like a grind. I’m hoping for that same level of challenge with Horizon 2.

In Forza 5 the base reward for the GT races is just a bit higher than that for the basic races, which makes buying a million dollar car very hard. Is Horizon 2’s economy going to be easier for the players?

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Horizon 1 was rewarding, but by the time you earned a lot of cash in the game, it was over. Unless you would pick a race and doing it over and over again. What made game really rewarding was the doing some only races. The wheel of fortune prices was what gave you a lot of cash and some cool cars and it didn’t take ages to get by either. I played quite some multiplayer first, made some cash and then bought a nice car to explore the whole single player part and drive around for fun.

If you did not redo single player races or didn’t do multiplayer, the progress was a bit too small and at the time you earned quite some cash, the game was pretty much at it’s end. My had that problem.

I don’t think we will see this problem in Horizon 2, since they added a lot more to do for us in both the XO and 360 version. I’m not sure of the wheel of fortune for muliplayer is still around. Looks like the economy might be pretty decent in Horizon 2. It also looks like that the starting cars are nicer then the one we got in Horizon 1. You can pick a nice car. With the Tier rewards it’s even better. That doesn’t help a completely new player, but someone who has played Horizon 1 will already be rewarded something nice. If you have played more Horizon games, you will be rewarded with something even nicer. Looks like we don’t have to drive around Horizon 2 in some old car from the beginning, we can do it right away in style :slight_smile:

There won’t be microtransactions, so hopefully we can get money quickly. I’m just going to crank up the difficulty to the maximum, with no assists and the hardest difficulty Drivatars just for the bonus cash! That way, we can get money fast even faster!

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Great news, Still annoys me with Forza 5 everytime i buy a car it asks me if i want to use real money :frowning:

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What if all the races had a normal economy, then when you get to the end of the game you unlock 5 mega endurance races which take 10-20 minutes each to complete and net you a few million credits. I reckon it would be a nice end-game reward.

Players are completely responsible for this. I don’t blame Turn 10 at all. I blame you guys - the players. You guys are the reason I have 27 million credits that have nowhere to go. You guys sniveled about it being too hard to earn cars because it took time earning up enough CR so they slashed prices, on top of them giving away heaps of free CR every month. You guys complained about having to spend CR on DLC cars so now they cost 0 CR, so CR has no value there.

DLC cars should still cost CR but player logic failed. Players’ excuse was that they spent real money buying the cars so they should automatically get them without needing to buy them again with CR. This makes no sense because I paid real money for the first 200 cars but you guys were fine with spending CR to buy them a second time (first with cash and second with CR.) Why should DLC cars work any differently? Either cars from disc and cars from download should both cost cash and CR or neither should.

While I’m on it, you know something else players broke? Race distance. Years back when races were a bit longer there were players that griped that they were too long, and other racing games had races of maybe just two or three laps (like DiRT, GRID, or NFS) and now that we have shorter races there’s complaints that they’re too short. I do personally wish they were longer, but this would make some players unhappy, which is why I’ve been suggesting an option to decide if we want shorter or longer races, not in free play but in the career.

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Yeah, I have to throw in my +1 as well. It still baffles me why Turn 10 felt the need to ‘fix’ something like that. Usually big budget developers have a thicker skin to see through the insatiable entitlement of gamers.

Couldn’t agree with you more!
Just to clarify, I personally never complained about the original economic state of the game😉