Forza H2 Companion App?

So I would really like a companion app, I think itd be cool, could keep track of your achievements, driver level, notify you when one of your friends beats your record, be able to view your cars and even customize them from your phone, turn your phone into a live speedometer or even a GPS?! I mean there’s so much they can do and everything I’ve listed have been featured by other racing games in there companion apps so it is doable and would be absolutely amazing!


Would be good for some of the stuff you suggest.
They can do it with Glass so see no reason why they can’t with this.

I’m not sure if a speedometer will work good because of possible lag

Possible, but it could be done without lag, for instance IRacing, i believe is the game, also there’s a few other PC sims that have an app that turns your phone into a speedometer and they have no latency or very little at all.

If done right they shouldn’t be any lag at all, once more there’s several PC games that use the speedometer feature with no noticeable delay at all and it works great too!

Would like to make the point of how it could be it’s own app.

I don’t know if they’re still there, but a while ago there were job listings on Playground Games’ website, for a Mobile game Designer and a Mobile game somthing-else-er.

My thought on this would be to have an app based around the convention, with times and dates for community events and in-game events styled like an actual convention app. There was a suggestion of a convention-specific app at Rooster Teeth’s RTX 2014, why not something similar?

Does Forza Horizon 2 support smartglass integration?
Please guys !! There is so much we can do with smartglass…
It would be great to have a smartglass companion for FH2 which would do:

  1. Act as a GPS map (like it did in FH1)
  2. Car tuning on smartglass (even when you are not at home in front of Xbox One)
  3. Paint jobs on smartglass
  4. A simple ability to view all your garage cars on your tablet when you are away from the console. Just looking at these cars is so much pleasing !!
  5. Track your current level and stats
  6. You can even think of some new multiplayer modes like Battlefield’s commander mode.

I really miss all these features on Forza Motorsport. I hope we get those in Forza Horizon 2 this time.


Check the What We Know thread to see if a feature is in the game.

Or request something in the Wishlist thread.

I’m sure Smartglass will be employed to some degree. Exactly to what degree will most likely remain a mystery until the game is released.

It would be nice if games actually used this cool feature. Microsoft released it and so many games haven’t taken advantage of it. Can’t wait to see how much better than FH1 it is.

SmartGlass in Horizon 1 was a cool feature at first, but I eventually turned it off because it made it so depressingly evident how small the map is.

That said, I’d definitely like to see it return for Horizon 2.

Erm…, would this be stuff we do while the game is running on our Xbox or while it’s off? I see now value in customizing my car on my phone when I could do it in the game. If I’m doing this while it’s off, this means I am accessing my garage data and my CR from a server. That’s fine, as long as all of our progress is stored on a server and not on my hard drive. Otherwise, I could be spending money on upgrades without having that money on my save file. As for a speedometer or GPS on my phone, I’d find it awkward looking down at my lap to see data that could just as well be on my television screen.

Precisely. All very well have an app that does this and that with shiny bells and whistles, but it needs to add value and be worthwhile to justify development. I think some people just expect there to be ‘an app for that’ because it’s all the rage at the moment, without considering the usefulness and implications of said app.

No offense but you need to try and consider other circumstances. Not everybody sits there and plays with a controller. There’s a fair amount of people that play these games on an actual racing setup that a phone could easily be mounted too in the right position and add another level of immersion with the GPS or speedometer function.

Well to be fair on Forza 5 all your saved data is synced to the cloud, it’d work off of that as The Crew’s companion app will allow the same functionality btw. as for the GPS and Speedometer that’s mainly for people who have actual racing setups with phone/tablet mounts specifically just for this reason, it’s sad that so many PC racing games have this function and yet Forza doesn’t. It makes a huge difference when you can mount your phone where a GPS would naturally be in the car or where the dash is to monitor your RPMs and speed.

You do realize that all your Forza 5 data and online data from other games are actually stored on the cloud and re-synced everytime you get on right? It’d make no difference at all really and yes the customization would be a feature used if you’re on the road or just not feeling like getting on. The GPS and speedometer would be a feature used for those of us with a full racing setup and have phone mounts, once more a lot of Racing games on the PC have this feature and it works amazingly.

It would be nice to see a companion app on smartglass again like the first Horizon. I liked using the feature and it was pretty cool to view the map without going to it in game.

So this game has blown me away as of the demo. Everything is so spot on and it seems like everybodys enjoying the game just as much! The only thing this game lacks is a companion app! So many games, racing games especially, have companion apps now and days and they could even use Smartglass. Functions like being able to view, upgrade, and tune your cars from your device or use your device as a telemetry display or as a speedometer or GPS would make this absolutely stunning and there’s other racing games, mostly PC, that already have apps with these functions! Could potentially work with Forza 5 and future forzas as well.

I suspect with the overall quality of the Smart Glass app there is less impetus to create a more game specific app that would only add limited additional functionality or duplicate what Smart Glass already provides.

When I say a companion app I mean just an app that works along side this game, as of right now they haven’t even announced any smartglass functionality with the game so trust me if they did, I’d be completely fine with that, or if they decided to do a full forza dedicated app, either one would get the job done.