Forza Garage - Week Five

It’s hard to believe we are in our fifth week of car announcements for Forza Motorsport 6 putting us well underway to the September 15 release date. This week’s additions to the Forza Garage lend to the array of exciting rides from nearly every genre of car type.

Leading off this week’s Forza Garage are a pair of 2014 British Touring Car Championship racers. Both cars are built to the Next Generation Touring Car specifications. The #67 Audi was driven by editor and driver Robb Holland and the #80 Toyota by Ginetta racer Tom Ingram.

Full list of newly announced cars here - News - Forza

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Oh yes! BTCC cars! :smiley: and the Alfa Romeo 155! - Happy days.

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Always great to have more modern race cars. Thanks T10! By the way, apart from the Honda Civic, should we expect the other WTCC cars too?


Nice, the Coronet Super Bee and Alfa 155 are back! Plus the '02 Camaro made it in, my GMMG designs shall live on!


Only different livery and they count it extra…

2014 Toyota #80 Speedworks Motorsport Avensis

2014 Honda #2 Castrol Honda Civic WTCC

2014 Honda #5 Zengo Motorsport Civic WTCC

2014 Toyota #20 United Autosports Avensis

2014 Toyota #11 Handy Motorsport Avensis


Yea its unfortunate its that way. I was thinking it would be 450+ different cars but obviously not -__-

BTCC cars look great, as for the rest of the list…more over from FH2? Also…ugh, not the Ultima GTR AGAIN…prepare to never have interesting drag races again lol.

Overall not as much as an interesting list APART from some of my big favs!

  • 1997 Land Rover Defender 90, amazing machine, still the best Rank A offroad vehicle in FH2 and my records keep soaring with this amazing machine, doesn’t do too bad on track either!
  • 1992 Volkswagen Golf Gti 16v Mk2, sweet. REALLY hoping for the MK1 too as that thing is one hell of a racket of an I4 <3
  • 1992 Alfa Romeo 155 Q4, ah memories…brilliant car to have again to drive
  • 1990 Subaru Legacy RS, my birth year, and the birth of such a good subby, little brilliant sleeper that can’t half perform exceptionally well across multiple classes off and on track!
  • 1973 Mazda RX-3 another wankel DEMON, woop. Superb classic.
  • 1973 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD-455 hopefully better represented in FM6 as it didn’t quite sound right completely in FM5 so, otherwise, such a lush car.

So overall, bit hit and miss this week but at least we are going to be seeing some classic re-additions on top of the nic BTCC and WTCC cars :).

Yeah I know :.…I am getting sick of this trend why different livery vehicles fill in an entire car slot…when they could just be part of the damn “colour” or “design” options when buying the damn car…it feels very Gran Turismo like with it’s 100 “different” nissans with slight changes and colours. I’d rather have the car space used up to erm I dunno…have a different car added? Lol.


Good to have some BTCC cars in this, they’ll be a lot of fun online :slight_smile:

Still holding out for some Super GTs and IndyCars, but it’s nice to get more racing car reveals this week.

Posting it a day earlier than expected was nice too, thanks Ian.


Epic reveal today. I’m not really bothered by the BTCC car duplicates, though.


So you’d rather have duplicates that have the pontetial of an additional car? Why? I’d much prefer an additional, different car to the duplicates. The 10 year annual DLC pack is 10 cars that are the exact same that are tuned to the top of the tier and with a livery on it…that’s just a let down to me, 10 slot gone that could of be used up be a completely different car, imo, sucks, when these could easily just of been included in the “choose your design” or “colour” options when buying the vehicles. It’s wasted space, for which I really dislike.


What makes you think that without the so called duplicates you would get additional cars?


Let’s not be pedantic…you know what I mean.


Still no sign of modern F1 cars…getting rather anxious !!

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Don’t worry. You can be almost certain the F1 cars will be FM6 since they were in FM5.

As for the list this week, glad to see more actual race cars in the game with the addition of the BTCC or WTCC cars. Also, a lot of fans should be happy to see the '00 Nissan Silvia Spec-R. Keep it up T10!

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Did any of the cars in previous games have vinyls on the glass like those? I can’t remember…

Great to see BTCC making an appearance, shame it’s the mediocre cars of the series though

BTCC and WTCC cars, 155 Q4, Regal GNX, Galant VR-4, Legacy RS, XJ220, RSX, RX-3, F355, 5 Turbo, and Syclone make my week.

The '03 RS 6 is returning? Talk about a car I’d think many forgot was in Forza’s history, lol.

Thank you, Turn 10 for new cars! Especially race cars!!! Really want more GT cars but these are the next best thing. Thank you!


Hope hosts in online lobbies can choose the car style, not just PI so we can utilize these cars in random online lobbies, i.e. BTCC only, WTCC only, F1 only, etc