Forza Garage - Week 2 Update

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Last week we kicked off the Forza Motorsport 6 Garage, announcing 40 more cars, including the entire paddock of Formula E cars. That’s on top of the 100+ cars we announced back at E3 2015. This week we keep the garage door open and line up another 39 cars that will be a part of the biggest and best Forza game yet.

Nice at least the iconic 240sx drift car is still here! Now we need the S chassis…(S13,S14)

Its funny seein fresh horizon 2 dlc as standard cars, no complains here, september needs to hurry up!

STCC Volvo looks Sweet. Can’t wait to try the Juke Nismo and Audi S1. 240SX, 190E and Escort RS1800 among others.


Its Happening guys!!! Cant wait for Forza 6

The car list is actually turning out to be pretty decent, All we need is the E46, S14a, And a Chaser :smiley:

I’m starting to get the feeling that 90% or so of the new-to-Forza cars (or at least new to this generation of Forza) are going to be race cars, while models from Horizon 2 are going to going to make for the majority of new-to-FM road cars. This is far from a complaint, seeing as how more race cars are always welcome, while FH2 has given us the Ferrari 375, '15 Camaro Z/28, Maserati Tipo 61, and a bunch of other road cars I was hoping we’d get in FM6. I’m just hoping we get a few more surprises.

The 375 was introduced in FM5 and wasn’t in FH2 (I think you mean the 500 Mondial) and the Tipo 61 also debuted in FM5.

Ah, thanks, I must’ve gotten mixed up somewhere. The important thing is that FH2-to-FM6 list DOES include the F-Type.

Always had a thing for volvo race cars, and I’ll be using this one for sure. Not sure what a bowler is. Overall list looks really good and glad to see my favorite Pontiac returning.

Which cars are new to Forza and which are new to FM? Didn’t pay much attention to FH2 and didn’t buy most of the FM5 DLC. From my first impression it seems like there are a lot of new cars to the list.

Only gripe is the hummer but that may be a non issue with this online league thing. I’m wondering if the jeep will be a sleeper similar to the FM4 wrangler Rubicon.

So far the list is looking like a FH2/FM6 merging of the two. Which isn’t bad but…I hope we get at LEAST 100 cars that have never been in the Forza games before, because I don’t want even more of the same from the last 4 forza games…

You’ll probably see more of the same. A bunch of the cars are popular or iconic in their own right so they’ll eventually make their way back to the game. However I don’t expect the smartcar, spark, volt, prius, and other lame cars introduced in FM4 in this series.

I’m thinking this series is right at the point where there’s not many prior Forza cars that weren’t in FM5 that’ll be reintroduced in FM6. Not sure if 100 new to forza cars will happen, but maybe 50-60 with DLC?? I’m guessing the count is close to 20 atm.

The new Fords announced at the release of FM6 and a Challenger Hellcat. Makes 4, semantically we had the old Volvo race car and the ten formula e cars really are all the same. So about 6 all new to forza cars.

Same arguments can be made for the fords and the hellcat. They’re just fancy versions of what’s already been in the game.

So what is the definition of new to forza? Seems like there are a bunch of technicalities that can be argued to prove a point.

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For me personally something that hasn’t been in FM or Horizon.

1965 MINI Cooper S THIS!!!

Who is up for some MINI series racing???

That Volvo could be fun indeed.

I see no Super GT cars on the list as of yet. Hopefully a few will make it into the game as they were quite fun in Forza Motorsport 4.

Gran Turismo 6 had the 2010 Honda HSV-010 GT, which was an incredible car to drive and listen to. If that makes its way into Forza 6 I’ll be very happy indeed.

Bowler EXR-S and Jeep Willys MB in FM6? Interesting…

That makes me think of the vehicles that the Germans used during WWII that are in Gran Turismo 6. :wink: