Forza Garage - Week 7 Update

Seven days in a week, seven seas, seven continents, and now week 7 of the Forza garage, and yes it’s a winner. It’s now less than a month until you could be playing Forza Motorsport 6 and we are letting loose with some highly anticipated cars.

We are calling this American Muscle car week, but those V8 classics may be overshadowed by the announcement of one of the most amazing production cars to hit the road, the BAC Mono. Yes, Forza fans the BAC Mono is coming to Forza 6.

Aussies and anyone else who wants amazing speed coupled with unparalleled cornering ability will appreciate the Xbox liveried #17 V8 Supercar raced by Marcus Ambrose.

Now take a detailed look at these spotlight cars then check the rest of the list for what you have been looking for, there are a few surprises in there.


finally the srt4 gets to come out at night.

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Only one V8 Supercar mentioned although Dan has already said an updated version of the V8s will be in game. Wonder if its a once a week reveal or something. Anyhow, looking forward to more Aussie content!

Oh yeah! There were menu pictures posted on another section of this forum which showed the 2014 #33 GRM Volvo S60 and the 2013 #9 SP Tools E63 AMG. In the background I thought I also saw what looked like a VE Commodore with Norton sponsorship on it so I assume it’s one of the old Triple Eight Vodafone cars.

Fingers crossed for a full announcement soon.


Lets hope there is going to be a Japanese week for next weeks car reveals!


And for those that missed it in either this or the Achievements List leak, the 2015 Lotus E23 is in :slight_smile:


I know all the brand-new cars are attention-getting enough (can’t wait to try the BAC Mono), but seeing a lot of the new cars return from FH2 makes me happy, too. It’s like Horizon kind of whet my appetite and now I want to see how cars like the '53 Corvette and the IDx NISMO handle Watkins Glen.

Loving the older MOPARs

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Did anyone notice that it will be the 1991 #18 Mazdaspeed 787B ? Different from the #55 787B that was in previous Forza’s


Interesting. Any difference between the two cars?

Not sure if there is but I prefer this livery compared to the old one we had.

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They are both mechanically identical but for Authenticity they recorded the sound from the #18 car (this one) here’s the link:

I miss the old forza menu music…timeless!!!

The difference at Le Mans in 1991 was seven laps and five positions.

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Over/under on how quickly the Renown livery starts appearing as UGC? I’d say about 0.5 seconds.

Right. The rest of the list.

Usually, I’m a pretty upbeat guy about these, but for some reason, this week left me feeling a little flat. Yes, I’m looking forward to the F1 car as I never played FM5, but otherwise, this is a bit “meh” in that there aren’t really that many surprises, especially when it comes to the featured cars.

As far as the rest of the reveal goes: Well, I’m fairly certain that we all knew this American muscle would be in the game; same goes for the F40 and 458.

The arrival of the IDx to Motorsport is pretty cool, though and again I wonder: with all these 4 x 4s coming to Motorsport, what are they planning on doing with them?

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Surprised very few people spotted the difference at Gamescom
edit: just noticed the #55 hiding in the rain spray behind

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Does that mean that the 55 is in the game as well?

GSX and Charger Daytona = happy me.

Pretty cool to have Ambrose’s car in the game. Wish he was with Penske in NASCAR because I’d like to see what he can really do with great equipment.

I am very happy with this one. The Celica ST185, Urus, 8V Supersonic and the 2002 Corvette Z06 made my day.

Also, the Mazda 787B, I think that #18 livery and the other livery have the same performance I think. But still, happy to see this car aswell!

Awesome list! I’m very happy with all the American cars so far, hopefully they reveal a Japanese list of cars (Japanese week) between now and when it releases, and it’s this good. Im thinking whether I should cancel my physical copy pre-order and purchase the digital copy. I really like have the physical copy though. We’ll see, there’s plenty of time to change my mind.