Forza Garage - Week 3 Update

For our third week of Forza Motorsport 6 car announcements, we are revealing more of the cars that will be available to race, collect and customize when the game launches on Sept. 15.

This week, we throw the spotlight on a couple of vintage race cars that you’ve never seen in a Forza game before. The McLaren M8B Can-Am car represented the best of the best in an incredible era of racing that was dominated by the cars of Bruce McLaren. The M2B Formula One car, which got McLaren started in Formula One, features one of the most raucous sounds coming from the classic open-wheel F1 cars of the era.

Let’s take a closer look at these legendary rides - News - Forza



The cars revealed today are okay. But I was expecting a lot better.

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Awesome reveal, particularly the Mclarens and the Renault Clio Williams.

Stoked this week.

Fantastic round of cars today, thanks T10!

The new McLarens are a very welcome sight, as is the Rolls Wraith! I only hope that the Wraith’s engine sound has been fixed since FM5.

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Another Volvo and a load of other great cars, not everyone is pleased but I’m happy as can be, especially as there’s a lot more to come before release.

Great stuff!

Am I to believe that each week is only going to contain TWO new cars to the series, along with a filler mix of Forza Horizon 2 cars and returning FM5 cars? Don’t get me wrong I am happy to see some of these cars return but so far, 75% of the list revealed each week has been lacking. I don’t want another FM5 with 50 “new” cars and a 100 cars from FH2 along side more tracks and on/of night/rain racing.

I was really expecting and hoping that this time, this time, they would really push the engine to include a much bigger range of vehicles, rare vehicles, new to forza, classics, concepts of 2015 and 2016 and beyond, some really really Vintage 1920-1940 cars, some racing vans or just standard trucks, and dare i say it…racing truck league? That would be incredible fun and have always hoped that Forza would 1 day consider putting racing trucks in there game as a specialty league, would be amazing.

I am hoping as we get closer to release, FM6 keeps up the variety of newer cars to the series, and a broader range for the future of cars, and the distant past.

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If they leave out the mainstays then people will complain about that. But in 450 cars there are only so many that can come from fm5 and fh2 so expect more new reveals.

I need a modern F1 car :frowning:

This week reveals are a bit meh, classic cars aren’t really my thing :frowning: also unhappy to see they have added more SUVs, I don’t see how G65 fits in a track racing game :frowning:


Nice collection of classic Formula 1 cars coming together now.

Still no Super GT though but hopefully some will be revealed in the coming weeks.

One thing I have noticed however is that the driver’s helmet and race suit don’t seem to have changed in any of the open-top pictures. That could either mean there is no customisation on that front or that this is simply the default outfit.

Best week so far!

New McLarens are awesome! Also very happy with the Mk3 Golf, Silvia K’s, '85 RX7, Volvo 850, 330 P4, Clio Williams, Scirocco, Monte Carlo and everything else really!

This has made my day

Thank god the '88 Scirocco , Clio Williams and 850 R are in. I was really hoping for these. Especially the 850 since I heard about the return of Volvo.

Now I’ll be this game in a Heartbeat (…Like Don Johnson would’ve sang)

Next up the Legacy RS, KIA Cee’d, '87 GNX and the Fairlane Thunderbolt please…

Nice reveal, Happy for the S13 & BMW 650CSi, but please bring back our S14 and missing FC RX-7 & Lexus SC300 from Forza 4

I agree. Don’t want all the same cars in. If you have the money to put all these cars in at least give us a better selection, not just at the same old stuff year after year. We spend alot of money on season pass and stuff, I just at pre ordered digital edition of forza 6 ultimate edition and want more new to forza Cars. PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR FANS AND FOR ONCE SEE THAT YOU AREN’T ALWAYS RIGHT. You might just find you’ll have a million more sales

Probably the biggest thing I see people here asking for in terms of cars is to get all the cars they previously paid for, SO THEY ARE LISTENING TO THEIR FANS (AND NOT FOR ONCE, BUT AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN). I think what you really want is for T10 to listen to just the cars that you want.

Personally, I think the car selection has been great. Even in FM5, the car count may have been low, but the diversity was really good (especially with the DLC).


Egg-freaking-zactly, teacups. Every year, this happens; someone doesn’t see the EXACT car THEY want (EXACT year, EXACT trim, EXACT colour choices, EXACT placement of the tab that allows the wing mirror to properly fold-in, EXACT tread type, EXACT, EXACT, EXACT) and it becomes a case of “you’re not giving US what we want” thing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the passion exhibited by the folks 'round here–it’s what keeps the forums vibrant-ish–but please, take a breath before you post.

Now, about the list: as much as many of us here THINK we know better than T10 what the users want, I doubt that’s the case. When you really think about it, Forza has had many games with lots of cars over a number of years, and there are only so many “new” niche cars that they can realistically add to the series (licensing, access to modelling hacks, interiors, driving impressions and so forth). TBH, the only real surprises I had when it came to missing cars at the outset of the last two games were the F-Type, Stingray and M4, which were all eventually added. GT has tried the 1,000,000 Skylines thing, but I don’t know if that’s the best business model, in the end. I mean, look at all the heat they got for the Standard/Premium cars thing…

Right. This week’s reveals.

The two new McLarens are all the way awesome; I’m a sucker for old race cars–ESPECIALLY old Can-Am and Le Mans cars, so obvs the McLaren M8 is a big hit for me, as is the return of the 330 P4 and Chaparral. The F1 cars, then, are icing on the cake; never played FM5, so I haven’t experienced these before, and am really looking forward to the chance to do so.

Lots of good returning stuff, too: the M635 CSi (would’ve have preferred the M6 version, but whatevs), Clio Williams. '88 Monte (now, let’s get the t-bird and GNX of the same era, please), LP5000, '84 GTO, 'Cuda…all awesome.

However, I do agree with the poster that asked for a better way to display the reveals; it looks quite pel-mel and will-nilly the way it’s currently going, which is pretty bush league. It’s great that ManteoMax is doing what he’s doing with his lists, but they shouldn’t be relying on him to adequately display/categorize their reveals. Maybe HE should be doing it for!

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G65 + RR Wraith = perfect for horizon. Stupid on track. That’s basic logic IMO just giving the griefers cars to use that’s all.