Forza Friday with Dan Greenawalt

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Surprised there wasn’t more fanfare for this. So here we have Dan, creative director, who hasn’t sat down to talk about Forza in a really long time and Brian ends up disappointing. Instead of asking Dan what the community really wants to know, “Dan, what’s the future of Forza” or “are some new tracks on the horizon” or “fixing the overall lighting in FM7”, some teasers, etc., he just gives a few softball questions to which we’ve all already have heard before. What a disappointing sitdown. You have a chance with Dan, the main guy at Forza, and…nothing. I hope if Dan comes back he comes swinging with some substance like Chris Esaki does.

Also, “Community this, community that”, ok we get it, we are all awesome, we all get the participation award, thanks, can we get back to straight up answers to questions? Please?


It’s a good thing I didnt watch then, I had a feeling it was going to be like that. What a let down.

I’m pretty sure that was scripted exactly how they wanted it to go. They don’t have real substance, so soft pedal just to tick off their “regularly scheduled fluff piece” where they talk about all the great stuff they are doing, but month after month very little actually materializes. Except “new cars” that are mostly just new stock liveries and tweaks plus some “Forza Specials”. Oh, and don’t forget to be suitably excited over new dolly suits, can’t forget that. Ugh.

I’ve actually pretty much quit playing this dead end game ("unbeatable is a joke, and going online is a non-starter spectacle of a disaster) for a few weeks now. And haven’t really enjoyed it for a month more. So when work get’s slow, I poke my nose in here just hoping that maybe T10 has actually done something useful, but I just keep finding more of the same. I really regret choosing FM7 and XBox when I decided to get involved with racing sims. Stupid mistake, but they sure talked a big show and suckered me in…

It’s not like they were going to bring their boss in there and grill him like F. Lee Bailey going after a hostile witness.

Wow, I’m actually surprised he can say something other than “4K at 60 frames per second”. How about “return of custom public lobbies!”…crowd goes wild!!!