Feeling let down.

I’ve been a forza fan/racer since the early days.
I have raced hours upon hours online over the years.
I bought Forza 7 when it was released but had quite a lot of gripes with it so left it alone thinking in a few months it would receive some updates and get back to business.
How wrong was I?
Some of the most important features of racing still not available.
No test drive feature! It’s so important when tuning yet the option just isn’t their!
How am I meant to ready a car/tune for a certain track if I cant tune and make adjustments looking at the data I need?
The last time I was online there wasn’t much R class racing except for endurance. I don’t want that!
I was hoping 7 was going to be an improvement on 6 but clearly not. Forza 7 is a huge backwards step and will remain so until they make 8 which surely has to be Forza 6 just improved.
It’s a MS thing. Games and operating systems. They get it right with a great one, then go backwards with the next.
How good was Forza 4 and 6? How bad was 5 and is 7?
Windows XP was great, Vista was bad, Windows 7 was and still is the best. 8 & 10 just awful!
I do hope a member of the development team reads this and takes note. It’s not just about me having a rant it’s about making Forza the best sim racing game/franchise in the world which it was with FM6.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get it back on track by making the necessary updates?!?!?!?!
I’d rather be getting rammed off every turn on every track in 6 than having very limited options in 7!

I was able to test drive before running the Regera on Old Mulsanne earlier today. You sure its not just in a different spot you haven’t noticed? Also they’ve been cycling in and out various class hoppers for the past few months. Maybe longer than that. You sure you didn’t miss the R class hoppers during your self-imposed hiatus?

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There’s a test drive, it’s just not conveniently located in the tuning menu.


Like posts above, there is a test drive menu. Its in Free Play.

There are MP hoppers all the time in Multiplayer/Leagues.

At last, what does Windows XP-8 have to do with the Xbox?

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Hey, there’s a test drive option in free play.

Also a lot of different multi-player hoppers.

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Thank you for your feedback. You can contact the developers by email at forzafb@microsoft.com