Forza 7, what's up with it?

I’m not gonna talk about anything here that’s groundbreaking. Been a long time player of the franchise. So I’m inclined to offer my opinion just like the rest of you.

FM3 and FM4 are my favorite entries into the Motorsport series. This isn’t surprising as I imagine that’s a general consensus on average. The games were infinite in entertainment and value to me personally. That’s why I’m constantly begging for them to be made backwards compatible.

FM5 lost me a bit, even if I did spend a fair amount of time with the game. Couldn’t get into FM6, but that’s maybe more on me than Turn 10. Playground entered the franchise in 2012 with the Horizon series and things changed for me personally. I lost some interest in the Motorsport series and aligned more with the Horizon style.

My grievances are simple… Why do we still have trucks and suvs in FM? Last time I checked I’ve never seen Escalades and Range Rovers blitzing around Mugello in a sanctioned racing series. There are no rally stages or stadium series events etc to use these in… I get the Mercedes from the ETRC series. Which could be expanded with retro trucks from said series. Why do the others exist within the FM series? Free up the roster of these vehicles and add more that are pertinent to the Motorsport vision.

The stupid limo… Okay, you had viral lighting once with this. Why milk it a second time? Personally it didn’t do me much good, cause I never used the silly thing. Horizon is FMs over the top cousin that can get away with these things. Throw the trucks, suvs and limo into that game only.

700 cars and only a handful of new ones? I’m in agreement with the majority around here… that’s just sad! Unless there will be a separate announcement specifically announcing newcomers to the series? This current car list is retreading at its finest. Which is sad, because we make these car lists with fine examples of vehicle we desire in game. Turn 10 is always bragging about their relationships with automobile manufacturers. So what’s the deal with that?

The issues with cars that still haven’t been fixed. There is a countless list of cars that are posted around here with issues. Certain things not right about the way they look etc. Things like the skirt on the S15 Silvia! Which is still wrong, and been wrong for YEARS! How can we get excited for the cars being in 4K when the time isn’t taken to make sure there 100% accurate as they are now? The tail lights on the 911 GT3 RS 4.0? They are hideous, fix them… The bulbs in the 1995 Eclipse missing from the headlights? Fix them… We notice these things because we LOVE automobiles.

I could go on, but I’m sure I’ll get plenty of response informing me to post this in another thread and blah blah blah! LOL, so I’ll stop now.

It isn’t out yet, no one knows. If it’s just about cars there is a thread for that.

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Thanks for your feedback, you can contact the developer via their email

On the 68’ Alfa Romeo in Horizon 2 the speedometer works as a tach. What’s up with that? The Silvia is fine with me as long as they don’t put that extreme camber stuff in the game. There’s a guy who lives near me with one and he has to take speedbumps at a diagonal because the car is so freaking low. It’s ridiculous.