I love Forza Motorsport 7

Hello there.

This is the first time I have ever spoken on this forum. I have finished Horizon 3 and I wanted to finish this, and as soon as I enetered the Forza Drivers’ Cup, I instantly fell in love with this game. It is such a good game, I couldn’t live without it.

If Turn 10 / Microsoft ever read this, thank you for taking the time to make this, and sell it to the public. You have made 3/4 of the Forza community happy and excited!

Thank you for reading this.

Your’s sincerely,
FinerJuggler458. Forza player.


I thought I’d jump on this surprisingly positive post and add my own experience. I have quite enjoyed Forza 7 so far, but I wouldn’t venture to put it in the same league as Forza 4.

IMO, Forza Motorsport 4 had better cars and tracks and provided magnitudes more options to tailor the experience to exactly what you wanted. Forza 7 has a pretty good car list, the options for racing and gameplay have been expanded, and some favorite tracks from FM4 have returned. I am hoping this is a sign that Turn 10 is starting to re-evaluate the direction of Forza and try and recapture some of what made FM4 so fantastic.

Overall, I personally prefer FM7 of all the Xbox One Motorsport titles and It probably sits just below FH3 as my favorite Xbox One racing game. Great job T10!


It’s hard to beat Forza 4. To many of us, that game was the GTA San Andreas of the Forza world. Two games in which were represented in their prime in their respective generation. And no, my friends, it’s not the nostalgia kicking in. They were just that good.

However, it’s not to say the 7th is a bad game. It just got off to a rocky start and the focus on the development was slightly wayward.

I think it’d be great if someone could make a “General Community Mood Board”, where we provide and vote for suggestions towards the design decisions for the game. Like for example, to redesign the Forza Aero kits to a more realistic model. I think that could be a good way to communicate what the community would like to see, design-wise.

We’d see what we’d like to see and we’d be taking out a lot of the guess work from development. Win-win!


Completely in agree, FM4 was an awesome solid game with no flaws.

BTW I consider FM7 the second best Forza of all including FMs and FHs, is a great game with really nice features and content, despite his flaws (AI, bugs and a poor release).

I think also FM should follow more “Motorsport” saga including those related features (penalties, real race rules, improved physics, qualyfying sessions…) and not all that arcadeish Horizon-style things (mods, loot crates, simplified physics,…)

Unfortunately these not sell as good as it does the Horizon style.


Forza Motorsport 7 Features Wish Lists

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I thought this post/thread list is only really payed attention to until the release of the game? I didn’t think it was really bothered with after release?

Ahh. Saw that coming but only when. To add significance though, we don’t really have any threads where the main discussion is about the specific design decisions on existing features. To put this into perspective, the Forza Aero wouldn’t be the way it is had we had a say in it and helped provide a direction.

We’d have wings inspired by the likes of APR and for hatchbacks I urge you to google PCI Racing. Good looking stuff.

Suggestions like these, made by the community discussing the design fundementals. It could be as useful as the FFB is it fixed thread. Was amazed to find that level of fidelity in there. We could go further, even higher from that level, given the level of intellect I’ve seen some users here display.

Anyways, cheerios.

I’d say overall its a good game and I enjoy it. They tried some new things and some didn’t work.

They improved on number of cars, and weather. I wouldn’t say it looks any better than F6 (the weather does) and its a shame they basically threw out Forzavista (I liked the stats and voiceover) but that’s got to be difficult to do for the number of cars available.

It’s fine. It has its issues, but its a fun game overall regardless of those issues.

This forum is 90% complaints and some are warranted, but some are just nitpicking.


Very much agree with you; regarding the sometimes constant moaning.

FM7 is a beautiful game and I’m having the time of my life playing it!

Certainly not the best driver. Yet🙂

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I wouldn’t say it looks any better than F6

I thought the same until i went back to 6 lmfao

Are you playing 7 in 4K? I fired up 5 and 6 for comparison since it’s been a while since I’ve played them. They all look good but 7 in 4K HDR… not even close in my opinion. Nothing against 6. Great game. Looks good. But on my TV 7 looks noticeably better.

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Same, I started my 7 career on the original x one and all it looked like was forza 6 with a dancing clown and rattly wipers (bit harsh perhaps but not a huge step).Stick it in 4k HDR and it is like one of those videos you used to see to advertise games with “not game footage” underneath except it is.

The only issue would be it’s a bit car and track specific, certain cars and tracks seem to have had a lot more love than others. Especially noticeable with some of the cars that have been around since FM2 like the Golf mk2.

I’ve been putting hours into FM7 like it’s a second job, it’s just a fun game, and there’s a bunch to do.

Since the game is so massive, people will obviously find flaws, but overall it’s a great experience!


That is beyond true for me too. I’ve played FM7 for 13d 8h 43m. I’ve played FM6 for 52d 0h 56m.

Turn10 rocks hard as does this iteration, FM7.

There are small things I like about other racing games , but this is the game I play.

Thanks Turn10!


Yes FM4 probably has the edge over this but not by much. Look how many more features and types of cars have been added since then. FM7 is definitely one of the best if give it a solid 8.5/10 . Only things that hold it back is the freezes and glitches sometimes plus a few things that should still be added or fixed but beyond that the it’s good. The AI gives a fair race most times, the freeplay options are massive where you can setup almost any kind of races you can think of, homologation while not the easiest thing to get used to it makes an even playing field, the car roster is solid as can be even with some odd balls thrown in and the track roster is decent too despite a few missing oldies. Plus we have nice graphics and weather as well. They need to keep working on updates to make this game the absolute best though. It’s close to it now

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I’ve already spent more time playing FM7 than I did playing FH3. For me FM7 is the best FM game for a long time - perhaps the only one I’ve enjoyed more was FM2.

There’s still a few little niggles but by in large the game is great (despite all the hate it receives).

I’m now looking forward to sinking even more hours into the game whilst I await Forza Horizon 4.

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Six posts here, 67 pages on how the specialty dealer is terrible. Seems about par.

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Even though it lacks some polish, I must say that, with more than 770 cars at present, the vast majority of them unique as opposed to Gran Turismo, it’s difficult to be absolutely perfect.

I never get enough of this game. It’s that fun. It can be improved, but it’s a great base already. It’s Race Driver GRID meets Project CARS with the Forza flair on top of it.

I wish I was around during Forza 4 days. I was strictly a PC player back then and drooled at Forza, really. I agree with people’s opinion of that game even though I’ve never played it before.

Developers of AAA franchises probably need to realize that sometimes more of the same is perfectly ok.

The only things that bring this game down for me at least is the lagginess of pretty much everything in the game, the lack of my favourite game-mode, lack of the storefront, the lack of clubs, and the new restricted auction house.

Besides those, this game is personally my absolute favourite Forza in terms of physics, graphics, sound, car pool (Although I would really prefer the 05 Mustang instead of the 07). Which in all honesty, is the main reason you buy a racing game in the first place.

In my opinion, F7 still loses to F4 but not by much. If even half of those issues get fixed with the major one being the lack of A/S class restricted tag for me personally. This would without a doubt be my favourite Forza game, full stop. Or the lack of a proper centralised Storefront like in F4

7/10 IMO as it is right now. Could easily be a 9/10. T10 did a fantastic job, a shame they keep meddling with things that already work perfectly.

Honestly. Just take F4’s features (Storefront, Auction house, Clubs, hoppers etc.), copy-paste them into F7’s physics, Graphics, sounds etc. Boom, you have the best Forza ever. Also just make some alterations to the car list, remove a lot of SUVs (unless you are planning on adding rally/offroad tracks like Baja stages). Minor stuff like that really go a long way.

As I said, could be the best if it had some things changed.