heard around the way, FM7 is competing FM4 for for best FM game, is it that good?

Competing as in best game or most sold? Either would be wrong FM4 kills FM7 in both!!


This is the only answer you’ll ever need.


I think every FM game has been better than the one prior. FM4 was a big leap forward after FM3, but 5 was better than 4 in many ways, as was 6, and as is 7.

Everyone’s got their preferred aspects that make this or that title better. My preferences run toward scenery, smoothness, frame rate, color depth. I feel like I’ve got a better feel for the racing physics and car handling with each title too, but that might just be due to learning more with more practice.

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FM4 was the cream of the crop,has been all downhill since!!


FM4 had a pretty damn good soundtrack too. Used to sit on the menu screen just to listen lol. 3 is probably the best overall. Even downloaded to listen on my commute to and from work

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I thought it was just me that liked the soundtrack. I found the fm4 soundtrack gave me a feeling of anticipation, it really made you feel you was about to start something epic. Fm7 soundtrack sounds like it’s been ripped off guitar hero and its permanently turned off


As I get older I feel myself gravitating towards soundtrack music in general. Just the melody and no words. Its good for meditation and keeps your mind at ease. Thats the perfect mindframe for sitting in L.A. traffic

So true, mostly I think because it didn’t have the identity crisis the franchise has now. I mean the sheer ammount of different motorsport classes with cars associated with it was inmense: JGTC, DTM, LMP2, LMP1 , GT3, GT2, GT1, etc. etc. It was so diverse in a good way, now you we most resources have been poured into things like offroad cars and vehicles that have nothinbg to do with motorsport.



In no way does anything before or since in the Forza franchises history compete with FM4, I think why so many people loved it is that the actual content, the way you were allowed to play, the innovation, the quality and graphics for it’s time etc. etc. were completely in a league of it’s own. Even today it holds up, I have been thinking a lot about picking up a copy again just for the fun of it…

My opinion,

YES and NO,

let me explain a bit.

FM7 is better because:

  • better graphics
  • more cars (not better cars per se)
  • more locations/tracks (missing few favorites tho)
  • homologation (imo)
  • handling, physics
  • sound, camera options
  • weather options, night racing.
  • leagues
  • 24 players online (altho only 16 party chat, broken chat in lobbies)

FM4 was better because:

  • Storefront
  • ability to gift cars/paints/tunes
  • better overall community/activity online
  • no broken chat in online lobbies

I personnaly think Forza 7 is much better than 4, altho missing some key features that would make 7 the best in the series by a long shot.
It is the lack of community support that is killing the overall experience in FM7 for me.
If i would have had FM7 when FM4 released, when i was more active on forza, hosting leagues and painting all the time. It would be hands down the best Forza Motorsport game!
but times change and people too, it is hard to say one is better than the other.
I’ve enjoyed every forza motorsport game.
FM1 got me into racing games, altho it was a steep learning curve coming over from Gran Turismo.
FM2 on xbox360 got me hooked on racing. FM3 was the first introduction into online, and starting in the paintbooth.
Probably played FM4 the most, online leagues hosted for a good 2 years, painting dozens of replica paints.
Had to skip FM5 for at least a year because xbox one released a year later in Belgium :frowning: and never got into it, online was a mess for league hosting.
Back into the online racing leagues with FM6, altho very good, the chat issues killed the 24player lobbies…which was a real shame.
Now FM7, Hardly have time to commit to a fixed day for private leagues online…
Got 2 little kids that soak up most of my free time atm…
i’m starting to fade away from racing, altho i still very much enjoy racing, either career or in the online league events, rivals and bounty hunter.

End of the day,
everyone has a personal favorite, no discussion about that.
For me the 2 put together would be the perfect Forza Motorsport game! (with the community from back in FM4)


There are enough tracks that where in FM4 and are not in FM7: Fujimi Kaido, Tsukuba, Twin Ring, Camino Viejo, Iberian, Ladera, Rally di Postitano, Sunset Peninsula and Sedona. So FM7 has in the end more then FM4 has, but still they have could do better then FM7 have now. At least 7 (if Sunset or Sedona was inspired on Homestead and/or Daytona), ortherwise 9 more locations then FM7 has now.

You could race online in fm4. Although even in that game there where ramers, and guys staying on the straight to ram and destroy anyone trying to go past. But now it seems it has gotten much, much worse… And even now there are some game-breaking bugs in fm7, stuff that fm4 did not have after so much time after launch.
At launch fm4 was in a much better state. And well, ofcorse there was fujimi, i have mixed feelings about fm7.
Fm7 feels much better in all departments, but still has some annoying bugs making it a worse experience somehow… We will see if they fix the game-breaking bugs and the crashing stops. Auction house in this iteration is well bellow the fm4s storefront, and in fact i dont see any use for it. The fact that you cant sell designs/tunes is a huge letdown. I dont understand why they would drop so many good features to implement ones that are worse/useless…

Absolutely. But, then, 3, 5, and 6 were also better than 4.

WHAT? 4 is easily the best fm game, 3 and 5 were the worst by a mile.


I was extremely disappointed in 4 coming from 3 for reasons I no longer recall, though I have the vague impression that it had to do with the UI or career progression. I traded 4 back in within a week. A friend of mine jumped on the XBOne bandwagon at launch, and the driving in 5 was so good that it gave me the Forza itch, but I wasn’t ready to get an XBOne yet so I told myself 4 couldn’t have been that bad and grabbed the complete or GOTY or whatever edition on the cheap. The driving in it was laughably bad. Cars that felt like floating leaves and rolled with excessive ease. Ultimately, the awfulness of 4’s driving directly contrasted by how much it was improved in 5 is what pushed me to get an XBOne. 5 was a bit short on content, but the driving was so much better than 4 that it would have been more appealing even if it only had 3 tracks and 30 cars.

That said, I will give Forza 4 credit where it’s due - the grid o’ stuff to do was large and varied, and the ability to turn off restrictions and approach the races however you want was appreciated.

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The reason FM4 is the gold standard is because the game was a complete package. The game had many flaws but none of which were so bad that it couldn’t be fixed via community suggestions.

No one is arguing FM4 had better physics. Most would agree this improved massively with the capabilities of the Xbox one and trigger rumbles of the Xbox one controller. Physics weren’t all that much different in the 360 era Forzas. In fact I don’t recall noticing any changes.

The only thing T10 had to do was up the graphics, add weather, improve physics, continue adding interesting cars, and make minor improvements to certain features.

And they did that except for the total mishandling of the functionality and features of the game.

It’s a bad sign when they can do all those great things and FM7 is still frowned upon just like FM5 and FM6.

It’s just further proof that graphics and physics dont mean squat if they game isn’t inherently fun. I’m not saying FM7 isn’t enjoyable, but it’s no way near as fun as FM4. There was just more to do.


There was more to do, but it mostly involved driving and the driving was garbage. Still better than, say, Project Cars, but not what I would call “fun”. But I also don’t play multiplayer as I get no joy out of directly beating or getting beaten by other people. The alleged issues with multiplayer in 7 might impact my opinion if I did play multiplayer.

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This was my initial guess. If you didn’t play multiplayer/hotlap in Fm3 you can’t really understand how broken the PI system and the balance of the cars within that system were (4000lbs Audi S5 with awd was one of the most OP car in many classes) and therefore I can understand you thought it was a good game. Also driving in Fm4 was not as good as Fm7 but not bad at all.