Forza 7 PC wheel user- Need help!!

I use an ECCI wheel and have been using it since I purchased FM7 for the PC. I recently downloaded FH4 and started setting up Emuwheel but gave up because its a pain in the … Also recently setup Xbox gold and started crossplaying in Forza7 . Now Forza 7 will not recognize my wheel nor can I map Anyone have any ideas about what to do prior to dumpsterizing these games?


If you tried emuwheel it’s most likley that the wheel has been muted using the hush program, you will need to unmute it to allow your wheel to be recognised natively again

Thanks. I tried using the Emuwheel as Horizon 4 would not recognize my wheel. I uninstalled Emuwheel and reinstalled Forza 7 with no luck, will not recognize the wheel anymore after using it since Forza 7 was released. Ive had the ECCI since 2004, time for a new wheel I guess.

If your wheel worked fine on FM7 before you tried using emuwheel on FH4 (which is what your OP said, now this post is confusing it) then the issue is you did not unmute your wheel before deleting EmuWheel which means it won’t be recognised ingame at all. Easiest fix is to download EmuWheel again, bind steering in the configurator and save, so you can run hush and unmute the wheel.

FYI FH4 has a bug with the UI when trying to setup a custom wheel profile for wheels that don’t have a built in profile, the layout feild will appear blank and will not allow you to select anything or bind controlls. You need to use the keyboard to highlight the layout feild and press the left and right arrow keys to make the options show up, then select a custom profile