Forza 6 tunning?

As you guys may know already that forza 6 offers the option to import tunes from the previous forza. I havent played forza in so long that i completly forgot how to tune. My only question is, has the tunning changed in any way? Do you tune the same as you would in Forza 5.

And can someone link me to a thread or article that outlines the basics of tunning. I bought the ultimate edition and it has been driving me nuts how crappy my cars drive. I tried tunning and reading the description on the side where it tells you what does what. After hours of trying different things i never leave square one. Thanks in advance

I would check out some of the stickies threads in FM5 and FM4 tuning section.

Tuning (not my speciality and leave it to other that are very good at it) is very similar to those games. So there won’t be that much differince.

The builds of the cars will be different - with PI Changes. But the tuning is very similar. Possibly check an open source tune out. Then take to track and tweak an item at a time. And test. Example. Reducing front suspension 100 lbs did what., reducing front arbs by 5 did what to the car.

The driving dynamics and car handling are not all the same as FM5 or FH2 which may result in differences to your tunes. If you import FH2 files you will still need to adjust builds, and possibly tunes, to fit your car into a class correctly because the PI classes don’t line up.

Ue the FM4 and FM5 tuning lounge for articles regarding tuning.

I didn’t not recognize that option, but the cars having a different PI, so i don’t think it makes sense to try that. It takes more time to retune that car instead of rebuilding it from scratch.

Not always. Yes, you have to rebuild the cars but sometimes all that needs to change tune wise are the tire pressures. That’s literally all I did with the Olds. However, my FM5 97 civic tune didn’t work at all and had to be retuned from the ground up.

I’d recommend bringing over all FM5 tunes and at least trying them out with a new build.

My S class Zonda was bust - And My R class Zonda I actually had to add engine parts to it - the tune just needed minor tweaking but that is more then likely the added power and I lowered the aero

I find the AWD not to be as nerfed this go around, and Tire pressures like Swerve said needed a bit of adjusting…

With builds being such and important part of the puzzle - its really 6 and 1/2 dozen as to start from scratch or not - but it was nice having the suspension pretty close instead of imputing it all. So I down load what I can ( not much for me) and if build doesn’t work i add/ take off as needed. I’ll have to see what the viper gts and dbs feel like… I just haven’t worked up to that level yet. Wonder is the DBS is still in A Class with my build?

Also wonder if CAMs come more into play now that the PI increase is less. But for the OP - More power with out added weight or lessening the the weight of the car is the way to go for the most part and the guidance on suspensions, tire pressures, etc are all pretty much the same.

Haven’t had a build yet where the cam could be used. So far i can get more power with other options. It seems that the supercharger isn’t always needed and I’ve had one car where the supercharger made it slower due to added weight.

AWD appears to be back and I’ve heard of some A class cars being quicker with AWD swaps.