Forza 6: Get used to 2nd place

So I’m on the first career track, and every race it puts the same car in position one and as soon as the race starts it’s GONE. I’m not the best ever at the game but I know what I’m doing. You can work your way up to 2nd place but you will never see this car in first, it’s way to far ahead. I’m finding it to be really stupid. I know I only need third or better but I want the game to at least give me a competitive chance. I’m turned off by the idea that the game will just decide you can’t get better than position X, It’s not going to happen. I’m sure on some level this is “realistic” but it’s not fun.

Is this happening to anyone else? Could it be a bug in the Drivatar feature?

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I havent had a problem running 1st place down. Just get thru the pack quick and hope u still have time. I dont win 100% of the time but if i get 2nd its okay as well

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Some of the Showcase events require you to come first as the objective. Thinking I’ll have to do what I do for Autocross and just cripple the difficulty setting for those.

There was some discussion yesterday as well, seems to be an issue with drivatars and/or friend list.

I was in a race on Atlanta full, and the car in first, M.Rossi somehow managed a first lap 5 seconds faster than anyone else was able to manage. What was even more strange was that was the fastest M.Rossi ever went around that track. His next two laps were 1-2 seconds slower. Meanwhile my fastest lap was only 1 second faster than M.Rossi’s first lap. I still manged to get first place, but it seemed very odd.

I wonder if due to mods being in place the game is playing with boosts to the AI over their natural statistics. Seeing as I’m not using mods it seems like an unfair advantage to allow the AI to use. If this is what is happening.

I play on 1 level below unbeatable and I don’t have a problem with it usually unless the drivatars wreck me but even still I don’t have a problem reaching 2nd. I like the challenge myself.

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Yea theres a whole thread talking about drivatar ai issues. I had similar problems but then they sorta just went away, weird. I couldnt get 1st on inexperienced and now i am on average setting pretty consistently.

Anyone noticed that an AI in identical car as you, has way more power than you in a straight line and leaves you for dust, only leaving you to try to out brake them into corners then “park the bus” for the rest of the race?

T10 is aware of the issue and are trying to solve this asap, be patient for now.

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always one drivavatar that pulls away…