Always getting first place?

I’m always getting first place in different lobbies but the thing is I wasn’t all that great at forza 5 (lucky if i get top 5) and have no idea why it seems i’m getting first all the time? Anyone else have this as well? Maybe there are more new players compared to forza 5 i dunno.

thiers hardly anyone that’s playing so that the game can makeup the drivatars… give it time and when more and more start playing it will get harder trust me

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Lots of new players. Also i know alot of the top drivers are building and tuning before they go into lobbies.

Congrats on all the 1st places though and go get some of that easy money :slight_smile:

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So when a lobby has 20 people in it some of those are drivatars? I did not know they had drivatars online, thanks.

No those are real drivers

Oh ok. I take it there are a lot of new players then because in forza 5 I usually get smoked especially by guys like raceboy77.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say most of the people playing right now suck hard. I’m usually maybe top 1000 material and yet not had a Clean lap be worse than top 50 in the world. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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I wish i could say the same! Mechberg, raceboy, sweedish are in my nightmares! lol always fighting for 1-4 till the end. and if i make a few mistakes.? might as well restart.

crazy wars so far but very fun.

wow completely skipped over the lobby apparently. Thought you meant drivatars…

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Also it seems that there is a lot less oversteer/understeer in forza 6 so that helps as well.