Forza 5 not syncing after clearing local saved games

So I stupidly decided to clear Local Saved Games as someone mentioned (not from this forum) it’s good every now and then to do a little cache tune up by clearing the aforementioned. Keeps things running smoothly.

Every game synced just fine (hardly took 2 mins) except Horizon 2 and Motorsport 5. At the syncing screen, it just shows the bar moving from left to right and no indication of progress. Left it there for at least 15 mins for FM5, and 5 mins for Hor 2. Nothing.

Checked detailed network stats in Settings, including testing my connection. Everything is fine.

Are the servers down at T10 because of FM6 prep or something?

You guys having syncing issues with either one of those games?
And, if I choose not to sync for now, I can play both games just fine, right? Understandable that my progress won’t be there for the time being. But then two profiles may be problematic.

I Have had syncs that have taken well over an hour for both FM5 and Horizon 2…very frustrating when you just want to play.

I should imagine that if you deleted your local gamesaves, if you don’t sync, you will be asked to start a new game ?

Thanks for the response David;

That is correct: the game asks you to start over in that case, so you’ll also get to see that J.Clarkson voice over video. I’ll try again later, as I don’t want to have 2 saves. Frankly, the most genuine reason I wanted to clear Local Saved Games is to see if the occasional micro-stutters/lag you get while racing goes away.

The last time I cleared local saved games for several months back, and I remember it took nearly an hour to sync. I imagine there’s a tonne of data that gets saved for Forza, with the drivatar syncs and all the car data, achievements and whatnot.

This time around though, it does not even indicate a progress bar in %. Just sits there, with the bar going from left to right. No activity at all on my modem. Pretty sure T10 servers are a bit off.

Well, no FM5 or Hor2 tonight then. Bummer.

Do you get any occassional game stutters/hiccups by the way? Just wish they weren’t there.

Can’t say I’ve ever noticed these issues…

Interesting. Does your console run off 220 or 110 volts? I’m guessing the latter, since I’m from the east. Maybe that has something to do with it. Meh, don’t know.

Can I ask if you game on one of those Hz-doubling screens? For example: 120 Hz, 240, 480 and so on. Mine’s a 60 Hz model, doesn’t go higher.

No other game exhibits any frame skipping or micro-lag/stutter during gameplay.

I’m fairly positive they’ll test out FM6 more extensively before release.

I’ve literally been pulling my hairs out for the last couple of days trying to move my FM5 and FH2 saves back onto my home XBox as I simply can’t get it sorted. Sync is unsuccessful every single time and I’m at a loss at the moment. Very disheartening to say the least.

My symc took 2 days to complete. Reason being is it would take about 1 hr per sync then it would fail. I kept trying and would just watch tv while it synced. Then it finally completed correctly. Dont ever cancel a sync just let it do its thing and keep on syncing it til it works

Well, I doubt I’ll make the two days, but that’s just what it does for me. Syncs for an hourish (mostly shorter on ‘Try again’) and then fails. Every single time so far. All I wanted to do is move consoles. Now instead of playing I’m watching my xbox sync. :frowning:

It has frustrated a bunch of people… if it doesnt comeback message heliosT10 on here and let him know. They understand this is happening to a bunch of people so he might be able to help get u going again

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My game saves have finally synced as well. Only took about 4 days and maybe a hundred tries. Just keep at it and hope for the best. Not looking forward to this again when I get my new console in Sept.

Hi. I had the same issue but with Forza Horizon 2, don’t even bother going to Turn 10 or Microsoft about it, I waited 4 days and they hadn’t been able to fix the issue (and they were the ones that told me to delete my game save) anyway bro, when you go to bed load up the game and get to the syncing screen pop up. My issue was that the screen would pop up saying syncing but wouldn’t show a progress bar or percentage, so one night I let it sync for like 9 hours while I slept. I woke up with an error message but I reloaded the game and the syncing had worked. Give it a try :smiley:

It’s all good. Solved. Just let it sit there for 45 mins or so.

Now let’s see how long Horizon 2 takes…

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I’ve come to the conclusion clearing Local Saved Games is a completely unnecessary drill and does not do anything at all that’s positive for the console or otherwise makes things smoother or anything like that. It should only be done in case of emergencies and even then as a last resort; for instance, when your game won’t load or you know for sure a corrupt save is to blame.

For maintenance and keeping things nice and smooth, fully shutting down your console and doing a cold boot (brick light goes from white to amber) before every gaming session, clearing Persistence Storage, and, making sure no apps or downloads are running in the background (press start and quit), is the ONLY ‘standard protocol’ you need.

I got all my designs and vinyls back after forcing a sync, so it’s not unnecessary

Edit, after clearing my local save, so it wasn’t unnecessary !!

Exactly! So I’ll say again, clearing Local Saved Games is a practice that shouldn’t even cross your mind!

Never interrupt a sync. Never, ever. And don’t do anything else while the sync is taking place. The Xbox One will set aside the sync, just like downloads are “paused” if you play something else. Just let it go until it completes.

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Good advice, though I’ve had my sync cancel by itself at least once in my most recent ordeal. And I’m not talking about it not being able to sync and giving you the option to re-try, I’m talking about it starting the game without having fully synced. If it wasn’t for my other xbox, and a bit of luck, I’d most likely have lost months of progress. While I’ve finally managed to sync my saves back to my home xbox, it now really is the only xbox I can play FM5 and FH2 on. The sync now errors out on my other xbox, i.e. the one the saves were originally on. Guess being able to play it on two different consoles is just not possible, or at least not for me. :frowning:

Your save is something that can’t possibly get corrupted in the cloud.

Clear Local Saved Games to get that save from the cloud. Let the game sync completely… give it a few hours… and don’t interrupt at all. Better yet, just leave the room!

What happened to me was that I tried to sync my save on Xbox One 1, i.e. sync the latest version from the cloud to Xbox One 1. After I don’t know how many re-tries the game suddenly crashed. I restarted the game, and instead of syncing I suddenly found myself in the game. Checked my stats and it appeared to have been way way out of date, i.e. at least a few months of progress were missing. I quickly exited out, ran to Xbox One 2 and started the game. I was told that Xbox One 1 had not yet finished syncing to the cloud and I have the option to let Xbox One 1 finish syncing, or cancel the sync, discard all progress from Xbox One 1 and sync my local save from Xbox One 2 to the cloud. That’s what I did, and I was able to restore the save in the cloud from my local save. If I would not have had a second Xbox with an up to date save, I would have lost months of progress right there.

Nice in theory, but doesn’t help you if it breaks with the error that it can’t sync with the cloud. All you can do is re-try, and re-try, and re-try. As I’ve said before, after 4 days and about a hundred re-tries, my save games had finally synced to Xbox One 1. I can now play both FM5 and FH2, with up to date progress, on Xbox One 1. I can’t, however, play these on Xbox One 2 now, as it again tries to sync, and eventually breaks with the very same error. Sure, if I’ve got another 4 days, I’m sure I could put these back onto Xbox One 2, but that kind of defeats the purpose of being able to play the game on two different consoles. Not sure why it doesn’t work for me, connection is fine, multi-player works fine, the only issue I am having is with syncing the save games for FM5 and FH2. Other games sync fine, even Fast and Furious syncs fine, it just takes a while. FM5 and FH2 took 4 days to get synced! Only explanation I have is that save games of a particular size (~100MB for FH2, >130MB for FM5) are simply too much for this fickle system to handle.