Horizon 2 not syncing after clearing local saved games

So I stupidly decided to clear Local Saved Games as someone mentioned (not from this forum) it’s good every now and then to do a little cache tune up by clearing the aforementioned. Keeps things running smoothly.

Every game synced just fine (hardly took 2 mins) except Horizon 2 and Motorsport 5. At the syncing screen, it just shows the bar moving from left to right and no indication of progress. Left it there for at least 15 mins for FM5, and 5 mins for Hor 2. Nothing.

Checked detailed network stats in Settings, including testing my connection. Everything is fine.

Are the servers down at T10 because of FM6 prep or something?

You guys having syncing issues with either one of those games?
And, if I choose not to sync for now, I can play both games just fine, right? Understandable that my progress won’t be there for the time being. But then two profiles may be problematic.

clearing local saved games is NOT part of keeping things running smoothly.

Clearing cache is and that is different.

Forza games take hours to fully sync. Never cancel a Forza sync, let it finish and at times it will appear to be frozen but it isn’t. Let it finish and expect it to take hours.

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Thanks for the tips there SatNite!

I tried again a few hours later and let it sit for 45 mins. It did sync, Forza 5 that is. The last time it got stuck, I didn’t cancel; just exited to dashboard and quit the game. Cleared Local Saved Games again for good measure. So FM5 synced finally, though between my previous sync and last two sessions, there was a good deal I had done without being connected to Live… lost some cars… but that’s okay! dohhh

So please tell me… to keep things running smoothly, how do you perform maintenance? How do you clear the cache? I just don’t want to see occasional micro-stuttering in almost every FM5 race. It bothers me a little, I must admit.

Clearing the Xbox One’s console cache isn’t performed, necessarily, for the sake of “running smoothly.” You should only perform a cache clearing to resolve issues you have experienced either in gameplay or with the console’s applications. This is accomplished by conducting a complete console power cycle (do not just turn the console off/on).

With regards to the stuttering you are experiencing on Forza Motorsport 5 … that has nothing to do with the console’s performance, per se. Instead, it’s your console (in conjunction with your internet connection) working to upload and download data from the Forza servers upon the completion of a race. Sometimes, this stuttering may last longer than usual and the cause of that may be a) the Forza server experiencing some slow processing or b) your internet connection struggling with the data transfer. Either way, a console cache clearing rarely (if ever) remedies the stuttering associated with the post-race screen in Forza Motorsport 5.

Well this is interesting; I almost always play offline, and the stutters are happening while racing. They’re not too common to break the game completely, but they are there. I haven’t encountered this minor annoyance in any other game.

Whether I’m online or offline, the stuttering frequency remains the same: once per lap, sometimes twice. And rarely, only once or twice during a 2-3 lap race.

How often do you get them during a race? If you say none, as in never, I ain’t buying! :slight_smile:

T-Rex, I already have the console on Energy Saving, and by powering it down and turning off power from mains, I am already clearing up cache as you say?

By the way, I don’t understand why MS calls it a “power cycle”. You’re simply turning your console off and then on again.

Set your settings to energy saving instead of instant on and you will be good to go,clears its self this way.