Forza 4 Was And Is A Better Game Than 5

So many more options in the menu and it actually shows how many players are in the session. Forza 5 is empty compared to the options and tabs in 4. And 4’s location was much better, Mexico, Really?


H4 didn’t even have class based rivals.

You mean on release it didn’t. It was added, and naturally people will compare 4 to 5 and expect 5 to have everything 4 did at the minimum.


That’s their problem. H5 is much bigger than H4 was.

Sure it did, I posted times in several different classes in fh4.
I mostly use rivals as a proving ground for my tunes because I don’t have people and AI trying to wreck me constantly.

I’m not ready to make the claim FH4 is better or FH5 is worse. I’m feeling a bit like not much has improved in FH5, other than the map (which is big and does have variety) and the engine sounds which are much better. The map and sounds were a big selling point in the Forza videos that previewed the release and I’d say yes they delivered on that. Gameplay I feel a bit like I’ve done it all before.


Because FH5 didnt “improve” at all, pretty the opposite. In everything, including sounds. In FH5 half the sounds are nice, the other half have incorrect pitch, are too loud or too quiet, wrong model, etc, etc. Variety? must be a question of tastes. In FH5 if you call variety driving miles and miles surrounded by cactus, desert and random houses here and there… yeah, much variety.

They delivered on that? oh my. One question. Do you work for any chance for Ms or PPGs? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup, FH4 is still way better than FH5, and not because of the content, but because of other things as well, but essentially because of the BUGS and terribly designed gameplay mechanics. Maybe one year from now we can finally say that FH5 has improved to the point that is actually better than FH4, but right now? who in its right mind will say FH5 is better than FH4?? lol. Specially visual quality in FH5 is completely horrendous.

The UI is way better in FH5, but the actual implementation is horrible lol. My mouse is unresponsive half of the times, so you need to use a mix between mouse and keyboard/controller all the time lol.
And the cursor, when the h3ck are the devs going to make it dissapear!!??? . I swear, at this rate by next week im going to be soo tired of this little bug that im going to forget about this game for good.


You use a mouse? you must be new here.

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You use a bed to sleep? you must been born yesterday. See, everybody can say nonsense.


Then I’m new for like 30 years, as I’ve been racing since with keyboard and mouse and still do today.


For me FH4 was my first proper contact with Forza title, so basically had no expectations.
Don’t know how much “expectations” aspect affects my judgment, but FH4>FH5. At least at this moment.

Wait until I tell you that some players are racing on keyboard :wink:


KB is rather OP what I saw. So there is a good reason to use it. :smiley:

Agree with TheDudeMr420.
Not actually mind the player count though.
Menus - especially those in car upgrade - ow so much better in FH4. Some of us PC users, use mouse … not really a thing in 5, along with constant cursor on screen.

FH4 … game is actually working, setting in UK is so much better, track routs are also way, way better, rest … plenty of threads on forum already.

Agreed. Way better optimized. I can max H4’s graphics and always crack 60fps but to get F5 looking half as good as F4 I’m losing frame rate like crazy and getting memory warnings. Seems ridiculous since the game engine is the same an F5 has a way more simplistic map. Speaking of which, even though the map is larger it’s way more boring than F4. Not sure why they’re so scared to make a city or modern looking place of any kind. You’d think we all live in the stone ages in 2021 looking at these maps. At least 3 attempted some version of a city.

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Everything in FH5 , or almost 99% of the things are worst than in FH4. Optimization? lol. What a joke, as you say in FH4 you can drive for hours withaout a single minifreeze or performance lose. In FH5 its really noticable that, even driving most of the time at 60fps, sometimes you have these sudden freezes every now and then that shouldnt be happening, at all.

It feels to me that some cars are badly optimized and they react poorly with the environment, because these performance drops shouldn happen. And i noticed em only driving certain cars.

But people need to be aware that FH5 isnt an AAA game. You dont need a top-gamma videocard to run it. That for a start. And graphics in FH5 are exact the same as in FH4, they used the exact same assets or just new ones but with the same amount of polygons and nothing special on anything. There is not a single AAA feature in this game. And it still feels like sometimes its just bad optimization.
They even broke the lighting system as well :stuck_out_tongue: sometimes it is just impossible to drive in cabin view or chase view. Either too dark, or too shine.

And yup, agree. The map is bigger but is a complete boredom, not to mention, be fast to save money to buy the fast travel house, or the game becomes a complete boredom in a week.

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At this stage i have to agree. There is a lot of potential but the excitment i had to play this game with mates as we did with FH4 every week has died very quick!. Convoys are boned, we keep disappering from the map and each others view which makes follwing each other and burning around the map impossible. Im playing on my own with no traffic and the odd online player appearing every now and then. Ive done all the stories, stunts, speed zones and trailblazers etc. All i want to do now is get back to mixing it with mates doing the playlist and races but we cant, which is really annoying. We have gone back to FH4 each week just to keep the convoy love going!

They need to sort this out sharpish, people have paid money for these specific features of the game. We will all accept bugs but these are not bugs they are incomplete coded sections of the game which means it should not have been released until those big issue were resolved. We should be given compensation. If you bought a board game that didnt have the pieces inside you would take it back and be given a refund…go figure!


i look at FH5 as just a very expensive let down of a FH4 dlc!

the game being bugged and empty of AI and player life is an issue still

FH5 is a barren wasteland with a couple shanties and many cacti and palm trees … it is pretty boring once you drive around a bit but, so was FH4 after awhile too!

i have yet to find a racing game that didnt become boring in its default setting.
unless a dev team wants to keep adding locations to a game then all of them become mundane after awhile!

Bla bla mimimi bla.

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So essentially you prefer the UI, and the game is more polished which isn’t really a tangible difference given one is several years old and the other just released. As a whole the game has objectively been improved based on content quality, game play mechanics, graphics, audio, etc. The game should eventually reach the same level of polish as horizon 4, this is microsoft after all, as for UI it isn’t a real point of contention IMO as you can just get used to it