Forza 4 Has Better Sound Than Forza 6

I used my 360, a similar car and the difference is astounding, the engine sound is so much better and the sound is louder. On my other HDMI input I had Forza 6 with the same car, switched back and forth playing for 2 minutes on each one for this test, I could clearly notice the difference.

They have failed miserably with sound, a racing game that is known for it’s amazing sound has taken a huge step back, Forza 6 doesn’t have much better sound than Gran Turismo 6. It really annoys me because I really want the Forza 4 sounds back but I know it would not be worth going back to Forza 4 due to the better gameplay, graphics and the night/weather racing, driveatars and car mods. Please turn 10, update the sound, make the cars sound like Forza 4 again.

You would think with Forza 6 that they would improve the sound considering this but oh no, they didn’t. It still sounds similar to Forza 5.

Forza 5 vs Forza 4 Koenigsegg engine sound


You compare off screen footage to in screen footage, and only compare interior cams, and are comparing forza FIVE against forza FOUR in the video link when the topic is about 6, AND you are comparing a single car to judge the entire game with?


Your arguements are senseless and are based on conjecture at best. Fidelity, quality, environmental sound and reverb plus the actual sample of the engine and exhaust is much higher quality is 6 over 4 for the Koenigsegg.

Saying FM6 doesn’t have much better than GT sounds…lol, that sealed it for me, fail.


No kid, your argument is senseless, he is point on

Turn 10 should hire the sound engineer that did the sounds for NFS or currently jobless guy that worked on Driveclub.

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No doubt. The hydraulics sound effects on my Escalade in Underground 2 were off the chain!

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Agreed agreed agreed.

Not a single game, apart from maybe Project CARS has topped the sounds of the cars in Need For Speed (Most Wanted specifically).

Given that you couldn’t have manual gears in the game, but oh my, the sounds of the cars send shivers down my spine, the echo of a Impreza Boxer engine blasting down the city streets was music to my ears.

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Forza 6 in the X Box One sounds 100% better than Forza 4 in the X Box One…


Forza 6 is a disappointment in the sound department.


i don not think its the sounds but the lack of adjustability IMHO… if they would simpy allows us to adjust the sounds individually I think we could for eaxmple increase the tire noises, and cockpit levels when racing to our liking. The car sounds ok in hot lapping mode… LB mode. But when in close to other cars the sounds over power the user car sounds.

If they would allow all sounds to be adjusted, road noise, engine . tranny sounds, tire skidding, etc… it would be fine for me anyway.

What he said… YES… Sound Sliders for indivdual adjustments… Please!

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What’s “LB mode” ?

What’s there is fantastic and almost all the cars sound like the real life counterparts. The trouble is you can’t hear it very well over all the other cars and sound effects drowning it out. Whether it’s cars in front or behind you or hell on the opposite side of the track they all cover up your engine noise in some way. Besides the GT350R that still hasn’t been patched the cars do sound great… If only turn10 would add sliders to adjust the sound the way we want :frowning:


Sliders…yes, please. T10 can learn a lot from the customization that’s in Project CARS!

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Most of the cars I’ve tried so far sound great, except the F-Type which is too similar to the other 5.0 supercharged Jaguars. Exhaust upgrades should be more audibly noticeable, and there’s still no change in sound when upgrading the intake. On the other hand, the exhaust backfire sounds improved to me. The engine sounds were louder in Forza 4 but a lot of stock cars sounded like they had racing exhausts, while adding racing exhausts just added distortion for the most part.


I think the F-Type is far from what it really sounds like. : (

I agree that with an exhaust upgrade it should be louder.

I was extremely upset with the exhaust notes on the e39 M5… the real issue is when your in higher RPM’s ,
it sounds really fake & grandturismo-ie
In forza 4 the e39 M5 sounds fantastic!!


Not engine sounds but Forza 4 had the best music. Now Turn 10 thinks racing is EPIC!!! and needs a dramatic movie soundtrack every race. It’s less annoying than the gladiator movie soundtrack from 5 but still dumb.

This thread is not about the soundtrack of Forza.

Have to agree with OP. Forza 4 had some of the best sounds of any game yet, and far nicer than FM6.

The issue is partly the audio mix they are using though. FM6 is realistic at least in terms of what you hear in car at least, FM4 more so for exterior. But the issue is that the game seems to use the same mix with only a very slight balance change between views, so you completely lose anything resembling an accurate exterior sound.

The sounds aren’t better in 4, you were just able to isolate the engine sound and make it louder which is something turn 10 should think about adding to 6.


Has anyone played with the speaker type settings to see what it changes?

Yea there is no major difference, Forza for itself has better car sounds in my opinion.