What does FH5 do better than FH4?

I really like all the online races/tracks/circuits, especially road/street. So although FH4 ones weren’t bad I’ll give this one to FH5.

Almost nothing! And so much is worse than FH4.
Big disappointment so far!

I know :frowning: I was just trying to find something positive lol

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cars drive on the correct side of the road.


That’s a matter of opinion…mate.

What does FH5 do better than FH4? It has more bugs and glitches, and it steals more of your credits. New map, and a few more wheel options…that’s about all the improvements I’m seeing so far.


Physics and tuning. Way better in 5 than 4.

Some people are going to disagree because driving is harder in this game, but that’s real life physics at work. Also maybe a little bit the games tendency to over-inflate tarmac tires. I have no idea why the default settings are so high, especially for a game that claims to be all about accessibility. Maybe so new people can drift easier? I guarantee there is a non-zero amount of people who think the physics in this game are bad purely as a result of the over-inflated tire situation.

Also the convoy situation. I know some people are having issues with convoys, and the in client convoy grouping tools are just plain not working right now, but once you’re in a convoy together oh my god what a better experience it is. The cycle of doing a race (or practically any other activity), then waiting eons for the servers to matchmake your convoy to a session before you could do anything else was downright aweful, often bugged out, and sometimes plain didn’t work at all. Convoys were consistently the worst way to play the game (4) from launch to today. Getting to do events and activities together without that whole song and dance and never having to worry about waiting around for everyone to join the same session on PGG’s janky-at-the-best-of-times open world servers is heaven by comparison.

Sure convoy grouping is janky and broken, and usually requires using the Xbox app to work, but it was never ever good in 4 either.

There’s also the obvious stuff like the better map you mentioned and the higher res vynls.

A better game than 4 exists in 5, buried underneath a mountain of bugs, terrible design decisions and oversights (many inherited), ignored player requests, and various other issues.

I would remind people though, 4 had many egregious bugs throughout it’s entire life, some worse than what 5s got, at least in that specific category. That doesn’t make the bugs ok, I’m just saying, let’s avoid fooling ourselves with those goggles turning rosy.

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I’d agree with that. The best place I can see it is in S2 Dirt/Cross Country. Though I’ve not been able to build any car to P998 for those, I’ve got several from P902 - P960ish that seem to be just as competative online as the higher PI. I think it’s easier to tune a wider variety of cars to be be competitive online.


This is my vote for where it is better. The old Horizon Life pie chart system was ok but this reminds me a lot of the 1000 Club from Forza Horizon 1, I know some of them are not working for now but as soon as it does get fixed I’m looking forward to jumping in and hunting down as many as I can.

Definitely. The best thing they could’ve brought back from the Lego expansion. Works fine for the campaign but also unobtrusively adds a lot of structure and incentive to the endgame. I’m not an achievement hunter and probably won’t be sweating these TOO much, but it’s a nice extra system to beef up the sandbox a little bit, and also it’s just fun to have an overall leaderboard that you can slowly climb.

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I don’t need to put streamer mode on each time I play, like I did in FH4. Can’t think of any other improvements off the top of my head.


Environment is insanely beautiful. I found the UK and Australia fairly boring compared to Horizon 1 and 2.

Horizon 1 had the best driving roads and Horizon 2 the best scenery, now Horizon 5 takes both titles for me easily.

I also loved the return of accolades like from Horizon 1. Some of them even act like 1000 club which is awesome.

Like someone else mentioned, the new physics model allow for more meaningful tuning and D class, C Class and B class now have noticeable difference in performance.

It does constant disconnections better

The driver assists are better its nice to be able to drive with one hand while holding a drink in the other allows for a much better relaxed driving experience.

I have a friend with cerebral palsy who loves all things cars. They have limited use of their arms and neck. The simple fact they can enjoy horizon is honestly amazing.

I know the afk glitch and assisted steering has became somewhat of a meme and a joke to a large part of the community, but the amount of joy it brings to people who were otherwise excluded makes it simply worth it.


I agree its a great feature, I’m fully able bodied and enjoy using the auto driving feature to as I say completely relax and have a drink at the same time as racing.

Longer races. I’m not talking about Marathon/Goliath/etc., but almost every track is longer than in FH4

And that’s about it. At this moment it feels like bugged FH4 with cutted out content on new map. TBF I have no problem that it feels like FH4 on new map, but bugs and lack of custom/team/ranked adventure + few other decisions are making it much worse game.
I know that it was supposed to be positive topic, but… :frowning:

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Updates and fixes are extremely slow in being developed, and some of the issues aren’t small. I’m sure I’ll be banned for criticizing the devs, but I don’t care. I paid to play a game I can enjoy and it’s hard to enjoy doing challenges and championships two or three times because the game doesn’t register the win and give you the rewards. The super wheel spins are too hard to come by in the game, seemed like they were easier to obtain in 4.

Went through and bought all the clothing and other bloat items that clog up the wheel spins…now the game doesn’t give me any cars, just money and horns. Nice F-U algorithm there, devs. Kudos on that one.

It’s hard to enjoy when you can’t join your friends in a game because the servers are trash.

So, no, there is nothing better about 5 than 4 until they get off their keesters and start releasing some fixes and updates.

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The tyre model is light years ahead of FH4, and that alone makes it a better game to play (for me), the other physics are also a big step forward from FH4 too.

The graphics are jaw dropping, even on performance mode, and the lighting system is in a different league.

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What platform do you play FH4 and FH5 on?

Series X