Forum profile picture. How to change?


Is there a way to update my profile picture on the forums here? I have a custom one on the console and the Xbox app, but it’s not showing here. Ive logged out of the forums and back in. No joy so far. I’m currently downloading FH 4. Is there a setting within the game which reflects my profile picture here?

My apologies if this is posted in the incorrect forum.



You can change your profile here.

My profile page lets me change and up load a card and header, but not a profile avatar/icon.

I can change my avatar through the Xbox smartphone app, which also changes it here on the forums but not to the custom one I use on my Xbox profile.

Thanks for the reply anyway.

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I personally haven’t found a way yet to do that, although there are some who were able to use the album cover of the album “bad decisions” on here, so i dunno

I will stick with my current profile picture on here for now.

Thanks anyway

Thing is, i don’t know who would have an idea on how to change that

I’ve been in contact with @T10ManteoMax over Discourse-related stuff recently, so he may have an idea, but outside of that, i wouldn’t know

I think profile picture is your xbox profile picture. They are the same.

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This works if I change my Xbox profile picture via the console or the xbox app, but only if I choose one of the default pictures. I normally have a custom picture, but it doesn’t display here.

I’m happy with the one I’m using now!

Thanks for the help!

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Happy to help. :smile:

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Apparently, it was possible to do so sometime before July 2015. In January 2022 Forza Support confirmed there is currently no way to change to a custom profile picture. It seems that the only pictures we can use are the Xbox Avatar profiles or those from the in-app selection.

Source/further reading:

(Mar 23 - Dec 23)

(Mar 22 - Jun 23)

(Feb 15 - Mar 23)

(Jul 22)

(Mar 22)

(Jan 16)

(Jul 15)

January 2022 was before the change to Discourse though, we don’T know why it isn’t possible now


Related problem:
After joining the forum I’ve changed my gamertag, this hasn’t been updated either.

EDIT: Logging out and logging back in to the forum updates your name.