Tips : change forum Avatar without Xbox 360

I was upset to no being able to change my Avatar on the forum because I don’t own Xbox 360 anymore and it seem like the only way to change it.

I finaly found a way to do it on Series S using the Xbox Original Avatars app.

In the app take a photo of your Avatar and use it for your Xbox profil. When this is done, turn off your console for some times (turned off mine for an hour). After that you can change again your profile picture to your taste.

The next day I logged off on the forum then logged in and tada, my Avatar changed. (I was with the Xbox logo on blue background).

I Hope it will work for you too.


Thanks for that info.

I’m still trying to work out how to change it to my current gamer picture, my logo.

Has anyone had success getting their forum profile picture to reflect the same image as it is in the Xbox Live profile?

I’m having a problem with my gamerpic not syncing when I log in into either “” or “”. It started after I changed my Xbox Profile gamerpic to a custom image which has been already approved by Xbox Live. I can perfectly see my gamerpic when I log in my Xbox Series S, Xbox app in Windows 11, at “” and within any Forza game title. All my friends can see my custom gamerpic also. But apparently whenever I sign into Forza sites my profile image is blank as if nonexistent and I don’t see it. The only exception is at “” where the web-page synchronizes my gamerpic with my old Xbox 360 console profile.

Unfortunately, I can’t say exactly, but individual pictures are not displayed. Either you take one of the existing images or the method with the Avatar Editor (360)

Thank you for the reply! And here was hoping there were a way to get these forums to properly sync my profile with my actual gamerpic.

I didn’t know that was possible, thanks for the info.

Mine ported fine and i just used the xbox avatar editor on the PC

Yes @WindsweptDragon, it works fine with the old (360) and the new avatar editors. It does not work with custom gamerpics. It’s not an error on Microsoft’s part, just Forza’s. But matters not anymore as it’s not my bank account and I gave up.

How to i change my profile picture on forza forums?