Is there a way to change our avatar/profile picture on the left-hand side?

Obviously it’s tied to our gamertag profile thing but I don’t have that thing anymore. I’ve changed it but it hasn’t changed here at these forums. We stuck with them?

Sadly, very… sadly… the gamerpics they choose to use, are tied to snapshots of the stupid little Xbox Live Avatar thing. You have to take a snapshot of your avatar from the avatar editor , then that image, will be used. (You’ll have to make the image your gamerpic, but then once you do that, you can change it again to anything else you wish)

I wish they’d tie it to whatever your X1 Gamerpic is though… I hate the avatars a lot.


That would be helpful if they just changed once you have changed your gamerpic on the Xbox One. I really don’t want to have what was my starter avatar shown…

Could you break this down into simpler steps? Not sure what I have to do

The Avatar Editor was removed from the website. They are removing all websites with and replacing with

So you have to use the Avatar Editor on the Xbox 360. It’s accessible from “customize avatar” on the Social Tab. The one with the Avatar standing there with the profile information.
From there, you have an option to take a picture to use as the gamerpic. It’s very simple. The interface is very easy as long as you manage to enter the Avatar Editor.

How do I change my picture?

Got this reply from Forza support, when I asked if it’s possible to change your profile picture.

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Posting here too as this topic relates to the same issue. Has anyone had success getting their forum profile picture to reflect the same image as it is in the Xbox Live profile?

I’m having a problem with my gamerpic not syncing when I log in into either “” or “”. It started after I changed my Xbox Profile gamerpic to a custom image which has been already approved by Xbox Live. I can perfectly see my gamerpic when I log in my Xbox Series S, Xbox app in Windows 11, at “” and within any Forza game title. All my friends can see my custom gamerpic also. But apparently whenever I sign into Forza sites my profile image is blank as if nonexistent and I don’t see it. The only exception is at “” where the web-page synchronizes my gamerpic with my old Xbox 360 console profile.

Looks like I’ve the same kind of problem, I’m completely lost with those accounts and pics.
I have a microsoft account on my email, and somehow, it’s linked with my email, which is connected to Xbox app, where I have my real pic (I don’t remember how, as can’t upload a new one, only choose some avatars)
On this forza site, I can login using both emails, my pic profile stays empty. Not that I really care, but that’s not normal… I look a bit like a “guest” (which I am kinda for the moment anyway :p)
I’m an IT guy, and always amazed how systems are so complex and so not functional, at the point even the support will end up lost at some point. When it’s so easy to do something user friendly and comprehensive. But nope, as always, nope :-/


I’m having the same issue, i can change my profile picture on the xbox app, but for some reason it just won’t update here.