FM7 New Features List

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of all the new features in FM7? There are so many I can’t keep track and they are all in different threads and sources. There are obvious ones like 700 cars vs. the number in FM6, driver customization, etc. but also some that are under the radar like the reworking of all 700 cars, the re-addition of tracks like Maple Valley, the addition of wheel effects, the addition of tires on track and friction assist. A list could be super helpful.


I’m putting up a Known Info and Thread Index thread shortly.


I currently have a preorder for a Ultimate edition. I have always bought a new Forza game on its release date minus F5. But I don’t know if I should keep my preorder. I’m expecting a pretty sizable new content for a 100 dollar game. Maybe I’m just not receiving the correct information, what is all new in F7?

Is it true the only new track in the game is Dubai?

What are all new cars for Forza 7 besides Porsche GT3 RS?

Dynamic weather the only real true change? As for physics and controls, early reports is that its pretty much F6.

It too me a little longer than “shortly” but I’ve assembled a FAQ and pinned it at the top of the forum, with this quick list of features:


Thank you for the extensive write up but I was really looking for a subset of features that are new to FM7 over what FM6 had.


The features in FM7 not in FM6:
4 tracks
170+ cars not available in FM6 including 2017 Formula 1, Formula E, NASCAR, IndyCar, Australian Supercars
Body kits, blowers, rims from FH3 and motorsport
Forza Edition cars
Auction House
Prize Crates
Driver Gear personalization
Driver stands outside the car before a race
Realistic cockpit audio and driver physics reaction
Forzavista trackside
New camera views with wheel-less cockpit view
Mixer integration with 4K streaming
Dynamic skies
Dynamic weather
Native 4K display and screenshots on One X
PC play with “multiple monitors” support
Extensive wheel controller and multi-USB support
Friction assist
New adjudication for track boundaries
Tuning in lobbies
Homologated divisions
New Forza Driver’s Cup career with open path and adjustable race length


No dynamic day/night? :frowning:

Volkswagen was in forza 6. It wasn’t it horizon 3

Wow! And people say this game has no new content?! You forgot *Completely rebuilt single player campaign with real progression and customizable race lengths. Also can you blueprint a single player championship as in FH3? That wasn’t discussed.

What is this one?:
“Realistic cockpit audio and driver physics reaction”


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I left out ‘campaign’ because FM6 has that, but you can change the race length in FM7.

They’ve put in more audio to make the cockpit experience immersive and “more human” by having parts shake and make noise. The driver will also depict inertia more in FM7, seen in the E3 trailer when the car hits the wall and his head bangs to the side. FM6 doesn’t do that (if I recall correctly).

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That sounds pretty cool. Thank you . Cannot wait for this to release.


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I am not sure if it can be said that Triple Screen support for PC has been confirmed or not as all that has been said is that it will have ‘support for multiple monitors’ which is pretty vague and could mean the same crappy support as what FH3 has now or true triple screen support like Forza had on the Xbox 360.

I’ll edit

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Confinmerd day and night cycle on all tracks u think

Not on every track i think.

By the reading of the fact list

It seams to infer that night will be separate, Dynamic Skies would be from dusk till dawn, so the time of day wouldn’t transition from day to night

“Weather: Dynamic weather with clouds, lightning, rain, and puddles
Lighting: Dynamic Skies, Night Mode

So you could either race at a set time during the day (if that’s possible) or select the track to be night

I would also guess that there would not be any dynamic weather on night mode

On tire compounds, will not we have the rain tires in the game?

ah, right, memory melding together

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I would add adjustable race lengths in career which wasn’t in Forza 6 :slight_smile:

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Well that list certainly puts us in the picture… Theres lots of new stuff. Sadly still no confirmation for me that ALL tracks cam be played at night?
Also for me, although I know this game will look amazing…all the extra bits seem hidden behind the curtain a little. I was hoping for more track content personally…unless its dlc. Atleadt if Rio is at night I would love it!