FM7 Drift cars - setup - tuning - seeking advice

Hello !

Hope to find some specialists to discuss drifting settings, tuning and cars.

First of all, I’m a little experienced in drifting in games (played a ton of GRiD, and a bit of FH4), but still pretty much a beginner, and also I know basically nothing about settings and tuning. Except for lowering the car, pushing the power, and maybe maxing out the front caster. (playing manual on gamepad)

So I have a few questions that maybe some of you guys could help me with. I’ve tried a few cars, a couple of BMWs, the Mercedes AMG C63 S FE, the Nissan Silvia 2000, the 240SX SE, and finally the Ford Shelby GT500. So far, the only one I’m good with and feels comfortable drifting, or should I say the only car I CAN drift with is the Shelby. With a V8 inside, every engine parts maxed, less weight, and minimal tuning I can do about 80k - 90k on my favorite track, the Bernese Alps.

Everything is pointing at the two Nissan I mentioned as good drift cars, but I can’t on that track. I’ve looked at tuning videos, repeating every steps, tried different things, downloaded a drift setup, but every car I try that is not my Shelby I can’t even do half that 80k score. They seem to not want to lose grip at all, want to come back straight, and lose speed very quick at the slightest turn, even with a huge engine and default tires.

Can anyone help me understand why it is so easy on the Shelby, and so hard on the Silvia and 240SX ? Is it a weight thing, a tires or power thing ? Am I stuck with a big american car because I’m too used to a specific way of playing ? Can you maybe point me to another car that could fit that GT500 feel ?

I know it’s very late, but any help would be appreciated.

Thank you, and good night.

P.S. Feel free to pm me if you want to have a more direct conversation.

Hey there! I don’t drift for points so when I tune I don’t really go for the characteristics that you might be aiming for, but I’ll try to give you some advice. An easier way to get a car to slide off the bat is to bump up your rear tire pressure and to stiffen rear springs. I don’t know why your others cars are ending up grippy but just stiffen those springs and bump up rear tire pressure and see what it does for you to start. Caster is only going to affect the handling of your car while drifting. The higher your caster the snappier your car will be transitioning. So keep in mind that caster is all front end. Your bump and rebound settings are also going to make your car looser if you stiffen them up but I wouldn’t worry about them too much unless bumps and rumble strips totally mess you up.

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions. Good luck!

please help to solve my problem, all my cars have this problem on rims, thanks