[Drift Noob] In need of a R34 Drift Setup

I’ve been struggling alot in Forza 5 trying to drift a car but I cant! I’ve tried alot of setups and even searched them on here and I can’t even get the car to slide! I really need a good setup for my Skyline R34 and also need a instructor lol.
Thanks for you help!

Honestly you should not be drifting the R34 if you are struggling that bad.

What’s a good car for drifting in FM5?

toyota ae86

mazda rx 7

Silvia S15

Minty’s tune is on the front page in its own thread. By far the most user friendly car I’ve driver so far on FM5.

That r34 will drift, but the nissan cars in general are difficult to drift. The only exception to that is the 240SX. Spoon, hop in the 240SX and download my tune named “L2DRIFT” and give it a shot. If you like how it feels I can tell you how I built the car and tuned it in a PM. You are also welcome to head over to www.pendulumtuning.freeforums.org to check out our drift help section. Too many trolls in the drift lounge anymore to really get in depth here.

I haven’t had much trouble. You have to really adjust to the new physics.

Little trick I found (via SnF Minty) is never use race sway bars. Sounds dumb, works great.

I still use race swaybars, not had a problem with them. I would say for something like that, it all comes down to driver preference more than anything.

So does a whole setup, honestly. I’m sure the swaybars are tunable, but I found sports easier. The settings/softness I’m used to using from FM4 got me nowhere.