FM6 Servers down again? Will it be permanent? Will T10 ever let us know?

Hey there, I’m from down unda (aka Australia) and despite going offline then online, nat type open, restarting console, backing out to 1st screen on game and going back in; nothing, servers still unavailable, no message centre, no matchmaking… Is everyone else having the same issue right now?

I had to resort going back to fm7, don’t get me wrong it’s still a good game with more tracks, better anti-cheat ghosting and collisions aren’t as easy to screw someone. But the racing doesn’t feel online as good as fm6 imo and cars are generally more oversteery with the same tune/setup from fm6.

Anyway I really hope they get them running again tbh :(. Until fm8 comes along, i prefer racing online in fm6 and i know there are still quite a few players at certain times i’ve seen on it in a class.

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Yep I noticed that the other day when I was going to do some rivals. FH3 is hit and miss too.

don’t get me wrong, i do like fm7, but it lacks the nostalgic feeling that 6 has a bit of, and when i say that i mean reminding a bit of the legendary goat days of fm4… the soundtrack, cars, menu music, team tunes/cars you could use and test, the community was so wholesome and energetic.
Sure like every game it had it’s moments with griefers and wreckers but was still the best forza motorsport to date imo.
6 captures that a little in it’s own special way, 7 is unique but hasn’t got that same feeling. Also the cars “generally” feel more oversteery (esp rwd), i have to slightly adapt my driving style from 6. Not a big deal, but idk about you but 6 just feels better racing online than 7 (minus the rumble strips on some tracks and corners and the fact unlike 7, you don’t get ghosted if you’re a lap behind, hence griefers etc…

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Servers are up and running again as of 3rd August 2022!

I know those are old games that aren’t supported anymore but I wish the communication was better. At this point you never know if the servers are down temporarily or shutdown for good. I wish we had a way to know.

I wish they could keep them running for years to come though, I find it difficult to enjoy online parts of older Forza titles (X360 era and past gen) knowing they might go down, and then never return. The worst part is that you just never know at this point if they will come back or not…


Yep, I’m on the same page as you and just found out today thank f for that! And already see a big flood of good old timer players back in it in a class <3

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While I acknowledge your good sense in driving on the correct side of the road, how DO you guys keep the cars on the road when it’s all upside-down? Is it like the tracks in Hot Wheels in Horizon 5? Oh, how they laughed . . .

I just want to know if the leagues will be fixed. Any update?

In aus, just tried firing this up again, no server bs again… Anyone else?

Yeah, they are gone again. At least in FM6.

T10ManteoMax messaged me said he’ll look into it or get it looked into, I hope they give us some transparency soon, some of my best tunes and builds are on 6, and i love racing in it, imo it has a better feel than 7 overall, not just gameplay, the game as a whole. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind 7, but I would like to know if i can still race mates and people online in 6 or if it’s gone for good :cry:

I understand, but before they stopped about a month ago or so now there were quite a lot of people racing at least in just a class, a lot of good players still love the racing feel of 6 compared to 7, it’s just a shame that t10 hasn’t got the decency to tell their fan base when the time is up for the older game sighs

Who honestly knows. I submitted about 10+ tickets about this issue on my main Xbox account to them on Forza support. They now blocked my account from signing into their website so I guess they don’t care about it anymore. Can’t believe they can’t come out to their community to announce that they’re shutting down the servers to their old games. Lousy automated bot responses/support.

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They dont care about servers in these old games and there was no any infromation about shutting down servers what a …

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Yeah exactly how I feel.

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Oh I see now, yes you are blocked for spamming them and that makes sense. If you worded it differently or took more time in between or set the game as fm7 for example and not fm6, you wouldn’t get the automated legacy support bs response.
You have to be smart and not spam them man… I admit, I have done a few tickets on the same issue but usually a few months or more apart just asking them if there’s any info. I did one LAST one just now after a few months or more… Here’s hoping they don’t block me without giving a reasonable response.

Servers online March 9, 12am EST