FM6 no network


So is FM6 no longer running servers? Can’t get leaderboards, multiplayer, designs, etc.


I would like to know what the heck is going on FH3 offline FM6 and 5 offline and FH2 is this for good … there is no news any where to what is going on POOR on their end


Same, I figured I would get into F6 and no servers.

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Forza Motorsports 4 and 5 are down as well. Plus some Horizon servers.

Hola yo soy nuevo aqui y quiero tener la esperanza de que volvera la conexión a la normalidad el juego, e
spero volver a publicar y compartir mis diseños en el FORZA MOTORSPORT 6.

The servers have been down for about a week or 2 now, Last time this happened was in about 2019-2020, but this time i have little hope of it returning, even though they have not made an announcement of it shuttiing down, i have little hope of it returning

If it is down for good, at the very least they could of announced it before hand and be transparent about it. I still did occasional online racing in Forza 6, and realize not many people were still racing on the servers, but this is still poor on their end. Why is their no announcement on their website about this?


Probably because all these servers aren’t down for good. If they were, Microsoft is primp and proper enough to make it known before hand. The EOL announcements for all previous titles were made well in advance of the process going through. This should be no different. However in the case it were planned maintenance, I’d agree with you in saying it’s unprofessional-like to go without letting your loyal playerbase know beforehand as they’ve (usually) done in the past. (Usually bc I recall it being said Mech forgot to change the DST for Forzathon during FH3’s first year.)

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Hopefully it is planned maintenance, Otherwise I’d be gutted

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Hi having same issue in Forza Motorsport 6 as i still play it and enjoy it, No servers now for awhile and no driveatar rewards, cant share paints or tunes etc really odd.

BUT Forza Motorsport 5 works servers are online too as i still play that too, I did tweet them about it but no respone and would be nice to know what is going on?

Also why does it take soooooooooooooooo long to sync my save file and get it from the servers, Wanting to play Horizon 2 and im sitting here for 20 mins while it re downloads my save fie from the server, i have nbn internet hardwired into series X so 50-60mb per second to :frowning: i dunno

i was online with a few people yesterday (November 23, 2021) and today i get on and servers are back down. i have a game clip from yesterday on my xbox account of a tag game. idk whats going on

edit: when joining multiplayer it just says “failed to retrieve hoppers” but gives me the option to create a private match

Replying to say currently servers are still working, however depending on time of day around the world it can have a decent lobby in a class hoppers for eg to none… Sadly not as many on this, of course more on the latest fm7, but I along with a few good racers prefer the feel of racing in 6, 7 just feels a bit different, not to my liking. Still a good game tho but I feel fm6 feels better, like a similar-ish updating version to 4. But nothing will beat 4 yet. Hopefully 8 brings back some nostalgic moments

Bro these forums are sadly dead, and also currently (20/07/22) the servers are down for me (Australia). I’ve tried other techniques like closing game, going offline then online, restarting console to no avail… :frowning: If it’s down for about a week this might be it boys :cry:

Also, does anyone own fm4 on the 360 and can confirm or deny if there is any multiplayer working for that? Cheers