FM6 Offline servers

It’s been about 10 days since the Forza Motorsport 6 server is offline.
With that, I don’t have access to some dlc cars I bought.
Is there any provision for reinstatement of the Forza Motorsport 6 server and my access to these dlc’s?
I’m waiting for an answer.
Thank you.

Please submit a ticket at Forza Support. If you receive an email pointing to the articles at Forza Support, be sure to respond noting that lack of access to DLC is not covered by those articles:

I’m an active Forza Motorsport 6 player and the server has been offline for a while.
Whenever this happens, I don’t have access to my Mobil 1 dlc, but I bought all the dlc’s of this game.
I can only access this dlc when the server works normally again, which has not happened for more than 10 days.
I followed the steps to try to solve this problem on the forza support website (, but the problem got worse because I lost more dlc’s.
Can you help me recover my dlc’s?

After all, I paid for all of them and I want to be able to play normally.
I look forward to your instructions.

Yeah that’s absolutely bull, I’m lucky so far I can still access my dlc or garage but servers still down, no answers yet. But the fact that you have paid for dlc that should be permanently attached to your game and account and somehow can’t access it because of their servers should be illegal. They are denying you access for something you PAID for…

If they don’t give you an appropriate response to help you or fix it I would be contacting miscrosoft demanding for help or threaten legal action. Something has to be done, that is unfair.

Can’t because after 10+ tickets of this issue from this game, you guys decided to block my account from signing into the Forza support website.

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Bro, you said in another post you did 10+ tickets on the same issue in about a week, Idk if it’s because you selected FM6 as the game and got the same automated response but you can’t do that lol, that is 100% spamming and that’s why you got blocked.

Servers online March 9, 12am est