FM6 LE console question

I am considering the LE console, my question is: with confirmed features such as importing liveries/tunes from FM5 and FH2 how will this affect me since I’ve been playing them on my current console? I know theres the cloud and all that but would I be able to plug in the new console install FM6 and have access to my FH2 and FM5 liveries? Thanks!

Your saves are linked to your profile not the box so with recent games just save everything to the cloud. I think most (if not all) things are saved on the servers anyway.

Or you buy/lend a 256GB (or bigger) USB-drive, move over your Forza games from internal to external and repeat the trick on a new console, if you want to be absolutely sure.

But as Dadiodude says; save-game should be in the cloud hence the lot of topics about deleting local save-games (in certain cases) and sync from the cloud again.