[FM_TUTORIAL] Forza Colour Conversion

[FM_TUTORIAL] Forza Colour Conversion

So you have an awesome logo you’ve just painted, but the colours don’t seem right :frowning:
By using this really quick tutorial you can colour match much better!
Forza utilises the ‘HSB’ range of colours in game…
H - Hues of all colours
S - Saturation (How Much White)
B - Black (How Much Black)
If you have access to programs like Photoshop you can be much more accurate in colour sampling but other online programs like “http://imagecolorpicker.com/” work just as well.
You will however notice that in Forza the HSB codes are very different as ingame uses a different numbering range.
This Tutorial explains what to do to convert correctly.
Any questions along the way post up in the thread.
Enjoy and hope this is of use to you.

In this tutorial Im just using a found source image of SSR Wheels, 3 colours…Red, Blue & Cyan (Excluding Black.)

I’m keeping this simple so no Photoshop just using the online sampling from “http://imagecolorpicker.com/

STEP ONE - Obtain Image Colour Codes**
1. Open the site (LINK) and upload your photo (if saved locally) or take the image url from the site.

2. The Image will appear in the window above.
TIP: Try to use the highest resolution you can otherwise the image my pixelate.

3. Use the cursor and select the colours you want to take the codes from and note them down.
These will be required on the next site. I tend to use RGB as start but the HEX will work fine also.

4. Ready to convert into Forza HSB…

STEP TWO - Conversion**
Conversion is very simple only a couple of calculations to be done.
Couple of sites available below (but many more exist)
- HEX Code conversion “http://rgb.to/” [[ SITE LINK] ]
- RGB Code Converter “http://colorizer.org/[ SITE LINK ]
I will use each of the above sites to show the conversions using ‘HEX’ and ‘RGB’ below…

Website Used “http://rgb.to/[ SITE LINK ]
1. Taking the Cyan Colour code ‘#18B6EE
2. Enter into the top box (as below)

This produces the ‘HSB’ code as 196, 90, 93
H = 196
S = 90
B = 93
Next Step See… “Convert To Forza Colour Range”

Website Used “http://colorizer.org/[ SITE LINK ]
1. Taking the Red Colour (R: 208 / G: 4 / B: 40)
2. Enter into each of the boxes next to RGB (as below).

This produces the ‘HSB’ code as 196, 90, 93
H = 349.41
S = 98.08
B = 81.57
Next Step…See “Convert To Forza Colour Range”

Forza works on the numbering range of 0-1.00 values.
Different to the HSB above but it is still very much usable by following the below calculation.
Simply done Divide H by 360.
H: Divide Value by 360
S: Divide Number by 100
B: Divide Number by 100
H = 196 / S = 90 / B = 93
Forza Codes…
H: 196 ÷ 360 = 0.54
S: 90 ÷ 100 = 0.90
B: 93 ÷ 100 = 0.93

- Vinyl Screenshot Guide
- Carbon Fibre


Thanks a ton AB for this extensive guide. Really appreciate it :smiley:

No problem!


This is a fantastic resource, thanks AB!

This is so much easier than how I was doing it - and my method oftem came out wrong…

I have a link here you may like to have a peruse of. It’s a thread on GT Planet which is full of this exact type of thing…

That’s awesome!
Will link into the OP


Hey just wanted to share what I use to grab colours from anything on screen without the need to load up any adobe software or go to other websites.

My friend made this program while we were at college, we used it mainly for web design but can be used for anything,

Hope this helps someone.


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Anyone able to help me out? I’ve been trying to find a match for the purple color the Nissan Skyline R33 comes with as a standard colour. I’ve gotten close but it always seems to be too pinkish in the sunlight. Anyone able to convert that for me so I can use it on other cars would be HUGELY appreciated. Thanks. Keep calm and paint on!

Wicked, it will be difficult to get right and really is trial and error as the paintbooth vs track has very different lighting so you’ll only ever be able to get close.

What colour codes do have now?
Have you got a picture of your car on track vs a source you can share?


This tutorial was useful


If you want to save a few steps you can also use this website:


Upload an image, use the Eyedropper tool and you’ve already got values converted into “Forza code” (HSB).

anyone can help me ? im looking for the “Nardo Grey” colour Audi uses, but i cant get it right :confused: like its a bit of matte in there but also bit metalic. I would really appreciate it, if someone could help me to get this colour on my rs4 avant :stuck_out_tongue:


As interesting as your post is, there’s a much simpler, ready made HSB tool.

See here http://chris-hill.co.uk/forzacolour.php

Just hover the cursor over the picture and once you have the colour you want, click and it gives you the Forza values