Forza Color codes Spreadsheet

Hey there fellow painters

I did some searching on the forums for the spreadsheets with all the color codes and the links are no longer valid. I can’t find the file I saved. Does anyone have a working link they could share?

Perhaps Heiro could then also put it in the resource thread as well.


I have also created my own backup and will be adding my own colours too this as well as it’s rather dated now.

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Use this one myself!!!


I have a few to add as well if they’re not already there.

That’s pretty handy; I feel a logo version would be useful too.

Once this is updated and ready, I’ll be happy to add it to the tutorials section up top. Just let me know.

And a logos version of this is what we’re hopefully going to be working towards soon.

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I may have done time to get started on one. I will post an editable Google docs link here do anyone can contribute.

If someone has one started or gets to it before I get home from work, just throw up a link and I’ll add to it.


So I have started a shared file we can use for Logo Colors.
– I took the link from Skreamies’ post and changed (read: removed) everything and left it blank for editing. As we go along we can add logo names and colors.

Skreamies - I don’t know if you have these colors in your spreadsheet but I as sent the list via PM to add to the database.

I’m sure many of the seasoned painters know, love, and use this tool frequently.

For those that do not, I have found it to be very helpful these last few days:

It will give you the HEX color code for any image you can upload.

Combine that with this:

Input the Hex, then take the HSB. Divide the H value by 360 to get the Forza equivalent and you’re sorted.

Nice website. I’ve been using this one: Color Converter, RGB to HEX; convert RGB to HEX, HSB, HSL, CIELab

I prefer the layout but both are very good and do the same thing.

I’m not sure who created the spreadsheet but I have a question about the color codes for the pearl or metallic colors that use a second color for the flake or pearl effect. Are you guys experimenting to find the right color combinations to create each paint color or finding these online or other places? Finding a color code for any paint is easy but it only has the H S B for one base color. How do you know the correct secondary color to add to achive the pearl or metallic effect? Any code I can find online for metallic colors doesn’t have a H S B for the secondary color. Sorry if what I’m asking is hard to understand and/or follow! Thanks for reading and hope you can help!

I don’t know if I’m stupid or what but I’m having a bit of a hard time using that spreadsheet to recreate Plum Crazy Purple on Motorsport 7 for my Dodge Challenger. I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong but it doesn’t seem to come out anything like what I think it should when I look at it on the Cuda that comes with it as a manufacturer paint. Can I get some help?