FM Crash reports since July 2024 update

Crash reports after July 2024 update

Note: the exception to the below for the July update is if you are specifically experiencing crashing after exiting Multiplayer events. If so, post and vote here: Update 10 - Game crash on event exit is still a thing - Motorsport Troubleshooting / FM Report New Issues - Official Forza Community Forums

Reminder: all reports specifically about game crashing should be done at Forza Support by submitting a ticket so that the team can investigate your specific account issues. This topic is additionally being opened to monitor for any common causes related to crashing, but it does not replace reporting crashes at Forza Support. Read either article below and click the link at the bottom of the article to submit your ticket.

Remember to include the following details when submitting a ticket and posting here:

  • Your game version
  • Your game edition and device (such as Premium or Cloud, Windows/Steam/console (and which console)
    • Your PC GPU and driver version, framerate settings, Accessibility settings
  • Account permissions and sharing
  • Your region and language setting
  • Where the crash occurs (launching the game, in a particular menu or game mode)
  • Which car you were using and what you were doing at the time of the crash
  • Whether this is consistent in the same circumstances or apparently random
  • Video of the crashing if you can provide it
  • Confirm that you have attempted to quit/restart your game and whether that cleared the issue.

When posting here, confirm that you have submitted a ticket at Forza Support.

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June topic reached 16 votes: FM Crash reports since June 2024 update - Motorsport Troubleshooting / FM Report New Issues - Official Forza Community Forums

Still crashing…
Left rivals after doing some hot laps and loading sign stops spinning and sends me back to Xbox home.

Series x


Same here… also after rivals…

Xbox series x


No change since 8.1.

Yet they close the topic as ‘solved’ previously… do they not even check first?

Xbox sX, game crashes after leaving ANY event.
Free play

I’ve been very positive about the game, but this is getting a bit much.


Only tried Rivals since the update, but on completing my laps, got the frozen loading screen for about a minute then crash to Xbox dashboard.

Microsoft Xbox Series X, ie the current flagship - which makes this bug (and many others) inexcusable.

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Just to note, the thread I opened that is linked in the op was about crashing in all modes not just multiplayer events. I get a crash when leaving any event, Rivals, Career, Freeplay, Multiplayer.

Its beyond frustration at this point, what extra info can we provide to help solve this persistent issue?

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So was the one that was closed a few days ago, for some reason @JetPartySalad said it was a Multiplayer thread or issue after 180 posts!

Dunno what system whoever said it was fixed on was using cause it does it on the Consoles and should be incredibly easy to recreate. I get it every time on the PC and it’s got to the point I just don’t play the game anymore apart from having to force myself to endure the misery of the fomo events.

I take No fun away from the time being spent in this crashing mess of a game and I’m going to keep being vocal about it until it’s Actually Fixed

I played yesterday and today its just getting past xbox “game” studios and then to desktop. No crash report or error just like turn10 and microbip NOTHING.

Today was the FIRST time ever that I’ve had the game CTD after an Open class series (after the Reventon race). I haven’t had the game crash for ANY reason in 6 months+. The game is getting increasingly unstabile!
Xbox Series X. Gamepass player.

Constantly crashes I have tried to race 7 races today I have crashed out to Home Screen 4 times while in the practice 1 time as the race was about to start and 1 time during a race. I have completed 1 race 1 RACE and as soon as it was done home screened for the last time today. It’s ridiculous. As much as a lot of people paid for this and yet can’t play it. Can’t do your events can’t do anything. Fix your game or give out refunds.

The best fix for this is to sell up. Get a ps5 and Gt7 :sunglasses:

Xbox Series X

Since Update 10 I have noticed that if I scroll down far enough when searching for liveries to download, the game always crashes.

I reckon there’s a memory leak there.

On Xbox Series X. I had a crash to dash when I did some Rivals laps a couple of days ago. Today I tried again and sucessfully completed several laps in three different cars at two tracks and bought some cars, so that’s an improvement of sorts: the game managed the basic stuff, yay!

However importing vinyls from other Forzas was at first unsuccessful then took so long on a loading screen I lost the will to live. Following the advice of Microsoft - “You don’t need an XBox console” - I’ve bought a Fire TV stick and Gran Turismo 7 in the Amazon Prime day sale.

I’ve experienced that too lately. It doesn’t always happen, but often enough for it to be a concern.

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Happens on PC too. And been happening since update 8 at least.

Video of issue:

I have provided some more info in the pinned comment.

I can provide ETW traces if needed. It indicates a MsgCheck delay and likely the reason why the Xbox watchdog timer kills the game on the console. On PC at least it recovers, if you have patience.

Region: South Africa