Fixed the grinding when shifting!

I set the inside dead zone to zero on the clutch and throttle and set the outside to 100 - I have full throttle shifts with no grinding whatsoever!

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A button for clutch?

I was thinking about trying that adjustment.

Interesting… I use left bumper as the clutch, wonder if it works with this button layout…

I’m so confused as to how to set up the advanced controls, there is no explication in the settings menu… I have no idea what all the adjustments mean : (

Did this on my Fanatec V2 base/pedals and still grinds. If I change slower I get no grind. Guess its input (signal) lag between pedal and wheelbase.

Try 0 and 20 to 25 deadzones for the clutch. It works well with my tx.

I’m using layout 12 which puts the clutch on the left trigger. It’s what I use for drag and road racing and it flawlessly works for me also did the same thing for the deceleration as well!!

Plus I did that with the steering and it’s a miracle improvement - my h/c/i 02 Corvette shifts amazing and full throttle and quick wot shifts do not grind and are smooth as butter.

The only two complaints I have are free play drag tracks missing - grip is there if cars are setup right. And the engine specs need to be put back in!!

UPDATE: thought it was fixed- I had tested enough, I was confident it was. Then got in the GT350R and nope. Seemed to only fix some cars!