Thrustmaster wheel with clutch pedal = destroyed transmission :(


I’ve just recently managed to get hold of the “new” three pedal add-on for the Thrustmaster TX wheel. Having had a Fanatec back in the 360 days I was looking forward to this.

I seem to be having a real issue with downshift in that I am munching the transmission in a race. I appreciate that the issue could be my technique but I was wondering if there are any other owners out there with this setup and if they were having this issue or better still some tips on how to overcome it. At the moment I can only think that I will have to manual heal and toe, however coming into the Bus Stop at Spa in a LMP1 in 6th and getting it down to 1st…my feet really aren’t that quick!

Any thoughts gratefully received.


go into setting and check you dead zones. adjust it to kick in at any pressure unless you ride the clutch all the time. and turn damage off until you get used to using it so you dont trash your car. sure youre not going to get the +20% damage credit bonus, but you aren’t going to get the damage costs or dnf no payouts either. i dont own it nor know anyone who does but everyone i know with a wheel has to adjust the dead zones. its probably the case for the clutch too. they may have the default set up for clutch riders who use it as a foot rest.

Press and hold the mode button, then press A.

Providing you have the latest firmware, this will enable auto clutch, saving your transmission :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the replies

Yes it was partly to do with the dead zones, reducing it to 10/50 helped a lot. The other part to improve was me…thought that might be the case. I spend about an hour is a slower car getting used to the down shifts. They are now as good as the up shift and the lap times are tumbling…

my TX settings:

TX Wheel Settings by PTG Coops, on Flickr

TX Wheel Settings by PTG Coops, on Flickr

When braking i try and brake in a straight line as much as possible, and try not to jump down the gears too quickly otherwise you will get damage. Brake some, shift down, carry on braking and shift down again.

Also try and blip the throttle as you shift down each gear, that’ll help too