Thrustmater TX Manual w/Clutch Problems, Car Jerks To Left or Right even in straight line

Hello everybody,

Have not been active on a Forza forum since Forza 4 clubs was a thing. But I have an issue and I can use some help.

So Ever since the first Forza had it I am using manual with clutch. First on the controller, which was easy just pres up/down shift with you clutch button at the same time. Then since Forza 6, on my TMX racing wheel, again no worries. Now I have recently upgraded to a TX and in the beginning no problem. Now since a week ago or something, there is something weird going on. When I up or downshift with clutch even in a straight line it tries to pull to the right. Under braking and downshifting it is even worse and if I only slightly turn it is game over and the wall.

Now the buttons are a bit deeper on my TX so I tried working on the deadzone a bit, but it does not solve the problem completely.

What am I missing?

I tried using the steering wheels auto clutch mode but I do not like how slow it is and how it dead revs.

Now I never thought the clutch system to be anywhere near realistic and I do not want to use it as such. But this way it is just weird :S

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I have a TX as well and have never encountered these issues. Few questions:

  1. Can you post your full wheel settings?

  2. Are all the drivers updated on your wheel?

  3. If you’re on PC, can you send your control panel settings?

  4. Does this happen on all cars?

  5. Do you have the wheel fan forced on?

Now, if this is only happening on FWD cars, that may be torque steer however, I’ve never had torque steer pull to the left, only the right.

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I second Evan, I have never seen this issue before, would you be able to post a clip of it happening? Would help Alot so we can try understand the problem and possibly offer some solutions.

A few pointers to throw at you though,
One thing you should keep in mind is when you use the auto clutch feature on you wheel you need to change your control layout so that the clutch is on the A button, otherwise the auto clutch won’t work as it is simple applying button A with the left or right paddle shift, also keep in mind if your using a H-pattern shifter auto clutch does not work with it.

If your up shifting without lifting the throttle make sure you don’t do that mid turn as it will upset the car, only flatshift on straights. You also need to rev match on downshifts in a similar fashion, you can get away without matching when braking in a straight line but if you are trail braking into a corner and downshift without rev matching it will upset the car

PS, deadzones will only have an effect if an axis is bound to that function, if it is set to a button the deadzones won’t do anything and a button is only read as on/off

Thanks for the replies!

So the problem is not only with clutch it seems, but it is worse when I use clutch.

Play on Xbox, no H-pattern shifter.

I sometimes used to screw up on my TMX, but hey who doesn’t but with the TX it seems to have become so much trickier.

On straight line acceleration I don’t granny shift. With manual clutch it jerks slightly to the right whe I do this (all cars), with automatic (assist) clutch then this is not a problem.

Revmatching seems to be the issue here but again it is much worse on my TX. It also has this problem again sometimes that the engine goes dead and all in the sudden picks up again after a upshift with the nasty outcome that has.

I try not to shift mid corners and have the right gear entering the corner. But if I am at the limit of locking brakes and I downshift (in what seems to be the right rev range) it just wants to nose dives and go snap oversteer. Even when the corner speed is really low and the engine is not making a whole lot of revs.

Will try and update the drivers (but they should be up to date).

Oooh and I have forced cooling on.

Will try a session this evening and then make a movie or something.

Anyway thank you for thinking with me!!!

Do you use auto-clutch on the wheel itself?

Engine going dead seems to indicate you’re locking up the wheels that the car sends drive to.

That sounds more or less like a differential issue in tuning. Increase the deceleration on you cars.

Good, keep that on. The wheel suffers from ‘force feedback fade’ when you turn the settings up too high without the fan forced on. Essentially the wheel will overheat and to prevent damage, it self reduces the force feedback.

Can you also send us your full wheel settings? Both in-game and the control panel? Thanks!

EDIT: Sorry sort of double post! My account is still under review or something :S That is also why it takes so long for me to reply!

Thanks for the replies!

Play on Xbox. No h-pattern shifter.

So the problem is also there with manual (no clutch), but less severe. I don’t granny shift in a straightline but the care when using clutch jerks to the right when I do that. revmatching seems to be the issue here on downshifting but I did not have that problem (as much, we all screw up at times :P) on my TMX. It also has this problem sometimes that my engine goes dead on a downshift and then all in the sudden roars alive and send me nosediving.

I always try to be in the correct gear before the corner. Downshifting on the limit of locking brakes has become way more tricky all in the sudden on my TX :S

If correct my TX has the latest drivers, but I will check to be sure.

Forced cooling is on.

Happens on all cars.

Will try another session this evening and report back then.

Thank you guys for thinking along.