Transmission damage?!?!?

I am using thrustmaster tx wheel, t3pa pro pedals, th8a shifter. For the game settings i use “manual w/ clutch”. Now the problem i’m having is that as the race goes on, I am constantly damaging my transmission somehow. So much that by the third or fourth lap, the car’s clutch starts slipping every time I shift. I am shifting clean with clutch pedal engaged. But still can’t figure it out. Also sometimes When the race first starts it will give me 4% damage automatically. What gives?

I’m also having a similar issue. Switched back to the controller for the time being.Curious to know what the issue is.

Many of us G920 users are having similar issues. I’ve been troubleshooting it since I bough the game.

When driving, hold the D-Pad down button for a moment to bring up the data about throttle, clutch, boost etc info.

Look and see what info you’re getting about your clutch. Is it only showing 96 ish% instead of 100% when it’s fully engaged?

I’ve come up with a temporary fix but nothing reasonable. Here are two other threads I’m involved with where we’re talk about similar issues…

Same here on tx wheel and th8a.
Clutch reads 100% all the time regardless of its position.
The game shifts ridiculously slowly.
I can drive the Audi Quattro race car but when shifting have to hold down the clutch for 1 second shift wait a second then release before accelerating or I get grinding gears.
Exactly the same issue project cars had.
If I hold clutch down and quickly go from 3-4 back and forth with the paddles its will jump back and forth in game far quicker than if I do it with the shifter as the shifter adds a half second pause for the neutral gear.
I would like the game to actually track my (the players) movements rather than waiting for the Ingame cockpit racer to keep up with me.
I can go from 1st to 2nd in no time but it seems the game waits for him.

Have you adjusted the dead zones for clutch? Perhaps lower outside deadzone as the game might not recognise that the clutch is fully disengaged. I haven’t seemed to have a problem with my g920.

You’ve got to be kidding me. G920 & shifter with manual + clutch assist and you’ve had no issues!?

Then why am I having issues… maybe it’s my wheel or shifter and not the game.

Hey mate. My apologies for saying no issues earlier! I just wasn’t racing for long enough to notice. Haven’t raced since the patch but I did destroy my transmission 2 days ago. Sorry for making you think I was all good :s

Ok so i was messing aroud with it today and i did as other poster said to test how much % my clutch was activated when pushing the pedal and to my surprise i found that it was at 100% all the time even when pushing pedal.

EDIT: the clutch reads 100% at the beginning of test drive no matter what until you press the gas, then it will go back to zero.

So i tried turning my clutch deadzones all the way down. So clutch axis deadzone inside is at 0 and outside is at 20 (that’s as low as it will go) and voila. It seems to have fixed this issue. Now my clutch pedal is at zero when not pressed and when i push pedal down it goes to 100%. Hope this helps some of you. Thanks for everyones help and i’ll post again if i have any other issues with this.

EDIT: i am still getting trans damage but i figured the reason is because my timing is off on somebshifts. I guess i just need to correct this with practice however messing with the deadzones will help in how quickly the pedal registers and unregisters with respect to the pedal movement. I’ll keep us posted. Thanks.