Clutch gear grind when you power shift?

Just watched Raceboy77s stream today and when he changed to cockpit view, I noticed that almost ALL of his shifting was accomodated by the unfriendly sounding grinding of gears. A lot of other people seemed to notice it too, because suddenly many have been asking him about those sounds in the chat. He said that even though he’s doing it right, the game will give the grinding sound or something like that.
I’ve noticed this when I played the demo that nearly all the time I got grinding gears. On Forza 5 this happens to me rather seldom. Now I’m watching the video from InsideSimRacing and the annoying sound is in there also. I believe it’s safe to say that those guys and especially Raceboy77 do exactly know how to shift with a clutch on this game, so I was hoping some of the official guys on here could shed some light on that matter. It’s not game breaking for sure, but VERY annoying.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this video and simply jump from race to race to check it out.

Please don’t wreck me for asking this, I’m just curious. Everything I’ve seen so far from this game makes waiting for 10/9 so mich harder…

I don’t hear grinding gears

Watch the video from 00:34:00 and pay attention whenever he’s changing gears. The sound accomodates every shift he makes. They also find out that the clutch always has 4% damageeven at the start of every race AND that the grinding gear noise is NOT bound to actual damage done due to misshifts!

I don’t see 4% damage.

The information is hidden behind the camera screens on the right side of the screen. But you can clearly hear them talking about it.

I don’t know why that is. But I am still annoyed with the revving the car does between shifts when you keep the gas down. I get that it is realistic, but you don’t cause damage to the car by keeping the gas down so realism isn’t all there anyway.

I was having that problem on Forza Motorsport 5, I would open the clutch, shift up, and close the clutch almost simultaneously, which isn’t a problem if your car has a high performance clutch installed. I realized if you’re using a factory clutch or maybe even a streets clutch, you have to shift a lot slower like open the clutch, wait, shift, wait, then close the clutch

Just gave the demo another go and surprisingly the grinding noise is gone! I can shift gears 100% without the noise! Maybe that got fixed with the patch that came the day after the demo arrived and maybe this will get fixed with the day one patch for the full game as well. The odd 4% damage right off the start running simulation damage is still there.

usually if its stock clutch you have to let the rpms drop before going into the next gear

I use a th8a shifter, the clunk is only there is your not shifting perfect, same with the rpm scream, I used a sequential shifter and had better luck than the H pattern. so it is all in the timing. with modern cars, the sequential is good, with older cars or less hp cars the H shifter will do.

With a stock clutch if using manual with clutch you have to press the clutch slightly before changing gear, e.g. press it with your thumb then roll it towards shift up or down then release it. Bashing the two together like you would in FM4 or FM3 gets the grind noise, also you don’t have to rev between gears that’s just the player not lifting.

Edit: just watched back one of my own replays, what was a clean lap is accompanied by graunching that wasn’t on the actual run…odd

I suspect he is using the old trick of not dropping the revs when you change gear, with cosmetic damage this won’t damage your car and you will go faster (useful for hotlapping).

thx guys. I will keep an eye out on how I press those buttons. Just seems odd, that it’s no problem on FM5 and I was surprised to notice it on the streams of what seem to be “pros” at this game.

Insidesimracing talks about this in their YouTube video as well about 35 minutes in of the early release of the full game they received.

They are using a thrustmaster wheel but, they highlighted the 4% damage starting off without doing anything about the 36 or 37 minute mark. I watched raceboy77's live stream of the demo and didn't notice it. His stream was pretty good but, there are a couple people with early release copies of the full game that are poorly done as far as the audio. Insidesimracing's video is one of the better ones I have seen. I could actually here the game audio and not someone screaming and yelling loudly while straining to hear game audio.

I notice on Insidesimracing video of forza 6 they were setting the dead zone for the clutch at 20% and 60%. What does this do?

I didnt see it, but i drove on the demo and consistently had an issue with misshifting, and i have been using clutch since the Toca days of ps2. i never misshift now days, but all night i have been misshifitng. Kinda annoying when it revs the motor and engages the gear like a second later.

I am not sure but, he did explain what it does for the wheel and pedal setup just after he sets it.

I’m using a controller with theses settings, no missed shifts and it seems faster to me. I just watch a little of the video and they said it shortens the clutch throw.

Yeah this is happening to me and I have never had this problem before.

I have to hold the clutch in for so long, it’s a real problem trying to downshift before turns

was anyone complaining about the clutch in old forza’s?

is this a glitch? or change to the game?

Anyone else still have clutch grind when you power shift even after race clutch is installed?