Finished finale on xbox 360, now what?

I just finished the finale on Xbox 360, and I have heard that the road trip starts again, and you have to complete every championship to get back to the finale. The roadtrip didn’t re-start for me. Is the 2nd roadtrip just on xbox one, or am I doing something wrong?

Guessing you are doing something wrong. ALL of the Championships in the game are grouped together in bunches of 3 within a Career Roadtrip (on the One, at least).

Are you 100% sure there are no lit/highlighted things on your map you NEED to do/visit now like: a Horizon Hub / Festival, Car Meet, unfinished Race?

I think that it only restarts on the Xbox One, but I am on a 360. And I have competed everything, (but not all the divsions). Do I have to complete all the divisions for it to restart on the 360?

You’re not doing anything wrong at all. After the finale the game stops that’s it. Now you are to make up your own road trip and revisit every race 9 times or so in a different class. In reality the game is over now, that’s it. Once I reached the finale, discovered all of the roads, did all the showcases and did all the bucket list challenges the game lost all it’s appeal. Do they really expect me to do every race 10 times or so with a different class… sorry that’s too boring. Horizon 1 was way better, the story took longer and when you finished that you had all of the street races and on top of it the 1000 club challenges. Once I finished the official Horizon 2 part, I sold the game for about the same as I bought it, so nothing lost here. For me it has no replay value at all, it’s such a failure that I wil never pick it up again.

I’m a casual games and Horizon 1 took me months to finish, I don’t play games that often. Horizon 2 I was able to finish within 2 weeks and at the end stages it got boring already and then they want to bore me death by redoing everything way too many times. No thanks. Horizon 2 is the shortest and worst driving game I’ve ever played.


No, as I said before it doesn’t restart it’s over. Once you’ve done every race once and seen the movie where you get the prize for being champion, it’s over. Ben tells you to now make up your own road trips. Nothing starts over again, you just need to drive to each race yourself and do all the divisions for it. Mind you from now on there’s no finale anymore, no extra cash for completing a divisions. Basically the game is over, unless you fancy doing each race 9 times again.