Stuck After First Finale

Hello everybody. I am on Xbox 360 so keep that in mind as Xbox One versions are different. I have completed the champions road trip and came first in the finale right after that. The man told me to race him in a road trip of my choice but I don’t know how to do this because there is nothing on the map and I also did not get the 1 million, I got like 20,00 cr. What do I do?

Check at the fair ground hub. You should be able to select the next road trip from there. Are you sure the 20k you got wasn’t XP?

Fair Ground Hub? You mean the festival? I only have the autoshow and garage.

Where is the selection? There is nothing on my map to select or anything new, I have done the race again in a different car, amd pro difficult and got 40,000 cr and 25,00 xp. Don’t I have to redo like 25 races beofre I can select the new road trip? I thought I read that somewhere, Thanks in advance.


Ok, so I have completed (Won at least 1x in every race) the Amateur, Pro, and Champion road trips. The game then told me that I had to do the finale. I did it but afterwards nothing appeared on my map and watching videos of people like this: Upload Studio - YouTube I see that there is this main hub thing. I don’t have this. I only have the auto show and garage. What am I supposed to do? I know I am supposed to do a road trip but have no idea how to choose one. Help me? This is urgent.

Hmmm… Are you 100% sure you came in 1st in the Finale?

I’m positive that I came in first in it, after the race the man said that I was to race against him do nobody could complain about the competition then nothing happened.

Did you try the thing with ANNA? Where did you get directed?

It took me to Vine Valley Circuit in Montellino, Do I have to finish all 10 divisions in every race or something? I have been repeating all the races but no avail. HELP ME! A 65$ game and it is not even working. I got 50 000 cr and 45 000 xp for finishing finale and i did not get the extra 1 000 000 cr and when the cut scene ended no pop up came and asked me to select a road trip.

there is no extra 1,000,000 credits …where do you get that idea from. i just completed this on the weekend, you get the credits for the race no extra…maybe that’s in the Xbone version but not the 360
thats it by the way then you just go complete all the championships at each hub
not sure what else you are looking for or expecting

In all the videos there is always a 1 000 000 cr bonus, there was even in forza horizon 1. Why would there now be the credits for the xbox 360 version?

probably because it is the xbox 360 version and no one really cares about the 360 anymore

videos you watched were probably the xbone version

I also have a 360 and just finished the Horizon Finale in Forza Horizon 2. I was told by the same guy that I could choose the road trip but there isn’t anywhere to do that. I think that is a bit messed up if you can’t even choose where to go to go race him. Does anyone else have a solution to this problem on the 360? There’s just the Autoshow and the Garage.

I remember that I had an issue somewhat like this on the Xbox One version. I couldn’t seem to find where to continue with the game after the 1st finale, either. When I pulled up the map and filtered it to just show the Hubs ( or whatever they are called) that you start the road trips from, I finally noticed that while most are all colored grey there was only one of them that was blue. I went to that one and was able to select a road trip from that one. At least that is what I remember.