FH5 Hot Wheels on Xbox Games Showcase Extended | June 14

Tune in to the Xbox Games Showcase Extended livestream today to hear Playground Games Creative Director Mike Brown talk about #FH5HotWheels.

Replay clip:

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Live now! Click the Twitch link above - you may see less delay playing it here than even on the Twitch app itself!

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What a awesome showcase!

Mike: “I want to call out the Hennessey Venom F5 and the Mosler MT900S GT3… their speed is unlike anything we seen before!”

Mannnnn and the hype just continues!

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Still makes no sense to make us wait an entire other month before its out. Is that PGs decision or Microsoft? This is pushing almost 9 months since the release!

I thought the release date was 6/19 until I reread, seriously, all this time and we’re still a month out from a rehash of a FH3 DLC?

I called it this whole time when I said series 10. My advice to everyone, take a break now before the expansion comes out. Otherwise you might feel burnt out by the weekly chorelist.

The Hot Wheels expansion coverage starts at 1:39:00

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They expect these games to last longer than 2 years before a new one drops, now…so making folks wait 3/4 of a year for DLC one and then probably 6 months to 3/4 of a year for DLC2 gets them a window to keep people coming back to the game while they prep the next one.

I think it’s been, what, 5 years since the last Motorsport came out in 2017…these bigger games take more time to develop so it’s sort of to be expected.

It sounds like the expansion may have a bit of sensible progression, gradually making your way through car classes until you reach X. Could be a good return to basics.

That’s how it was in FH3 Hot Wheels too…